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you get lost and find a better one.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the desk.....oh, the desk!!

The f... f... funandgames desk!

Opened the box.....little happy dance.....

Sorted out the bits...more happy dancing...

...from the pieces. Sighed with pure pleasure..

Checked and counted. All parts present.
Looks really easy.Instructions are clear.
Began construction.
Came to a screaming halt very quickly. Swore. The supports for the keyboard shelf have to be screwed on. The screws won't go in more than halfway. What the f***? It's chipboard, not hardwood!
So there I am. Can't screw them in, can't get the screws out either. More swearing.
Tossed the screwdriver and made chocolate mousse instead.
Calmed down.
Then rang a friend with much more upper body strength than I have.
He'll be out on Thursday.
Wants spaghetti bolognese as payment.
Now there's something I can do! Don't need a screwdriver either.


  1. oh dear. A good ratchet-type screwdriver is the key to success.
    Spag Bol on Thurs will be nice though, and a glass of red. good luck

  2. Ah yes: Love Chunks bought our computer desk from OfficeWorks a few years ago and instead of watching my (then) unmissable ER, I got unflattering shots of his arse in my face as he swore, kicked and cursed the desk he thought would 'just take a jiffy to put up as I wait for The Footy Show to start'....

    .....three hours later it still looked like a half-completed triangle....

    .....and, nearly seven years later, he's still unable to look back and laugh at the incident!

  3. 2 words...
    cordless drill
    Hope it comes together for you either way...

  4. Ann; no glass of red, this friend is alcoholic.I might just buy a ratchet screwdriver, even though I may never need it.
    Kath; the desk itself is a cinch, it's just that I can't get the screws into the wood. If not for that, I would have had it assembled in 40 minutes. It's just a little desk and I'm pretty good at that sort of thing. The bookshelves a couple of days earlier took 25 minutes each including opening the box.
    anonymum; there's a cordless drill around here somewhere, but there's no bits for it that aren't rusted or broken. Hubby was not known for looking after his tools and always bought the cheapest available parts.

  5. GAH I share your pain, half my furniture is from Ikea so I'm a dab hand with an alun key but need the lad to help with complicated stuff like sliding shelves . . you're on a furniture bender girl!

  6. The ex took my little Ikea table but brought it back saying it wasn't enough for his computer.
    I looked underneath and half the screws were missing or wrong sized but jammed in with matches. He couldn't be bothered getting the proper chipboard screws, useless twit.