Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Monday, June 7, 2010


This is how I shop. Most weeks anyway. Sometimes I'll have stuff delivered.

Not having a car, or even being able to drive, I find these little trolleys really handy for getting groceries home. Luckily, I've always lived close enough to supermarkets to make this method possible. These little trolleys come with small wheels at the back and tiny wheels at the front.
This is fine when you're only wheeling around the smooth floors of the supermarket. But out on the not-so-even footpaths of Norwood and Maylands, those tiny wheels would get caught in a crack in the pavement or on the uneven edge of paving bricks, causing the trolley to come to a sudden stop, and me, pushing at quite some speed, to continue, over the handle and smack flat on the footpath, turning the trolley over as I did so. This happened twice. Then my husband went scavenging on the hard rubbish collection sites, (as many others do), and brought home a couple of old prams. Now my trolley has these huge wheels that you see in the picture and I no longer get up close and personal with the footpath, plus it's so much easier to push around.
The blue bags? These are "chiller' bags, keeping things cool on the way home in summer, and keeping the rain off in winter. Great idea. The green bag on the front? This is for soft items like fruit and bread that would otherwise get crushed. Let's not mention all the exercise I get...


  1. When our car was being fixed (after the tram ran into the side of it) I started using our trolley to get our groceries. We three are big eaters, so it meant a couple of trips each week instead of the one. I still do it occasionally when the weather's good and the list isn't long.

    Love your new wheels though!

  2. I'm admiring those mega-wheels, makes it seem very civilised to push, River!