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Monday, December 6, 2010

monkey mayhem

Last night I opened the tree box, set the tree on a stool, then went to bed. I couldn't be bothered with decorating it. (There's that procrastination again.)

While I was sleeping the monkeys got up to a little monkey mischief, (yes, I have stuffed toys, I keep them for little visitors to play with and technically they're not all monkeys, I know, just humor me ok?)

George and Jerome climbed into the tree and began attaching tinsel and baubles.

Hugo and Harry pulled stuff out of the crate to hand up to them.

Harvey put himself in charge of the silver baubles when he saw that they'd broken one of the red ones.

The "babies" played with Santa's sleigh and the lolly train. Luckily it wasn't yet filled with lollies.

Hector gave a reindeer a ride.

Hank Jr. commandeered the sleigh with his mate Not Rudolph.

Sarah was the engine driver.

This is the engine. The two cars behind are filled with small sweet treats for people to take as they leave after visiting. The sleigh also gets filled with lollies

The decorating is going well, pass up some more tinsel.

That's not tinsel!!

Where's the bag of tinsel?

We can't find the tinsel.

Aha! Hugo's using it as a cushion.

Grumpy Hank made an excellent supervisor.

Taking time to admire their handiwork.

Oooh! Shiny!

And sparkly too.

Looking very nice. Well done boys.

But what's this?? Jerome and George are still in the tree!!
Well, that'll keep them out of any more mischief for a while.

I think they did a pretty good job!


  1. I love it. What talent.

  2. Very cute! That Hank looks like a bit of a character, eh? (but I wouldn't cross him...)

  3. delightful River....absolutely delightful.....

  4. R.H. I have very talented toys.

    Being Me; Hank is a favourite rescued from a garage sale, his left hand has a squeaker in it.

    Cheese Whine and Whispers; I put this up for the kids of some of my readers as well as all of us big kids.

  5. That's adorable. Did they get paid double time for doing this kind of work outside of standard office hours? Were all OHS and EEO principles observed? Did you seek their permission before putting their images up on your website and available to the public?

  6. Kath; I can't say about the OHS and EEO stuff, they did this while I was asleep....
    I did ask permission to use the photos, not sure who took those, you know, me being asleep and all, might have been one of the big teddies, probably Sebastian. Could have been Abby.
    We came to an agreement about payment. Bananas, and for christmas day, banana splits.