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Saturday, April 9, 2011

I made them myself.

After trying the Macca's texas barbecued chicken skewers last Thursday, I decided to have a go at making my own. It was surprisingly easy. (Most things are, they're just fiddly so we don't want to bother....)

I started with diced chicken breast, (yes, I diced it myself),

marinade and skewers.

I decided to use sesame ginger marinade instead of smoky barbecue; the bottle has been sitting in my fridge for quite a while.

to the marinade I added some grated ginger, (this is one of the cubes from my freezer),

and some sesame seeds.

chicken.....skewered. (2 breast fillets makes 4 skewers)

pour the marinade over, cover the dish with foil,

and refrigerate for a couple of hours or three,

then put them into the oven, bake at 180* until done, then remove the foil to allow browning.
(this was a mistake...I should have removed the foil earlier and let the browning time finish the cooking).

here they are fresh out of the oven,

and on my plate.

I've never cooked skewers before, so I wasn't sure how long they'd take.
They're a little dry, but the taste is really nice.

Next time I won't cook them as long.
I think they'd be much better barbecued.


  1. They look tastier than the maccas ones!

  2. Looks like the most balanced meal I have ever seen!

  3. Veronica; they were tasty, just a little dry from over cooking. I love ginger.

    Jennifer; I try to balance things and I love vegetables so it's easy.

    no-one; your turn.

  4. I agree with Jennifer Kay's comment and well done to :-).

  5. I so want to make those for dinner. And keep ginger as an icecube - brilliant!