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Thursday, November 3, 2011

uh-oh, it's November

This is the month when I usually do a trial bake of the christmas mince pies.

Remember them?

Mmmm, mince pies......

But this year, my available bench space is 37cm x 47cm. 
Not really big enough to be mixing and rolling out pastry.
I just know if I try, I'll be banging my elbow against the wall with each push of the rolling pin.

I have other options....

I could buy one of those roll-up plastic pastry rolling sheets in a big enough size to cover the hotplates and hope it's sturdy enough to stay level while I work. (unlikely and it's a bit too high for comfort)

I could clear off the coffee table, get down on my knees, (ouch), and roll the pastry there.

I could move the whole operation out to the back porch where my dining table now lives.
It's half covered in stuff, but I can move that temporarily.

One way or another, I will be making the mince pies.
Because the bought ones just can't compare.


  1. One determined woman...the mince shall prevail..all hail the mince.

  2. Why am I thinking that you are probably already very good at making mince pies and that no trial is needed? I must remember this trial making when I want to cook something very nice.

  3. Make them at a friend's house, maybe and share them together?

  4. I haven't had mince meat pie since I was a sprout and lived with my Grandma. You'll find a way and WOW, you do make the pies!!!!

  5. Its easier to buy a 6 pack from coles for a $1.50, no mess, no hassle :-).

  6. Delores; very determined, my pies are well known.

    Andrew; the trial is necessary because the first batch of pastry is never as good as the second, even more important this year as I have to get used to the electric oven. I may need two trials. (more for me to eat)

    Happy Elf; not a bad idea, but with two of us sampling there may not be any left to share at work.

    Manzanita; None since you were little? You'll have to do something about that.

    windsmoke; the bought ones are AWFUL. Mine are so much better. That's why I do it.

  7. YUM!!!

    if you have any extras....

  8. You have reminded me that very soon (yesterday) I need to get the fruit for Xmas cakes soaking in booze. We often make up to ten (gifts) and it is time consuming work. But tastes sooooo much better than anything you buy.

  9. Cup Day over and everyone gets into christmas mode, already. You are one of the more conscientious ones, I's say River. Bake your own mince pies and even give them a trial run. Good on you.

  10. Toni; I don't think they'd travel well, you'll have to come and pick them up.

    EC; Christmas seems to be coming so much faster this year, you'd better get soaking.

    Elisabeth; my pastry never turns out the same twice, the trial run is to get back the knack. And for taste testing purposes. This year it's especially important because I have a different oven.

  11. Mmm I'd love to see your recipe River. I loved Baker's Delight mince pies but they are so $$$$. I want to try making my own.

  12. Hey, just FYI, I don't know if you check back on the comment section on my blog, but PADDLING is when you use a little flat, well something between a ping-pong paddle and a cricket-bat type thing (size-wise) to wallop a kid. It's more painful than a spanking. :(

    I hope you win your giveaway!

  13. Happy Elf Mom; thanks, I knew that already, I've read about such things in novels. I've also read that back in the days before abolition, slaves were punished with a similar paddle, but one with holes in it. Apparently they were more painful and broke the skin to cause bleeding and scars. After this of course the slave was immediately required to return to work....
    Horrifying times.

  14. Oh, yeah, some DO still have holes in them!!

  15. Trish; I don't have a recipe. It's homemade sweet pastry and a jar of bought fruit mince.