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Saturday, December 3, 2011

I took a little trip to the other side of town

A well known part of Adelaide, the West End Brewery, is situated along the bank of the Torrens river, and every year in December they put on a display of  Christmas Lights.

When I first saw this light display several years ago, I was amazed.
Last night, I went again, with my camera.
I'd had the battery on the charger all day, so it was fully charged, but after 100 photos, the screen display indicated the battery only had a quarter of its power left.
I'm going to buy another battery the next time I go into town, so I have a spare to carry with me at all times.

Here are some of the photos I took.

This is the beginning of the display at the corner of Adam Street and Port Road.
It was still daylight and the lights aren't turned on until dark.

Brewery delivery cart with  a christmas tree on the roof.

 a Dragon, a Train, a Raggedy Ann doll, slowly turning

Frosty the Snowman


and his reindeer. I'm guessing ths is a practise run, since there are only six of the reindeer. On the "big" night he has eight, plus Rudolph to lead them. Unless Rudolph is one of the eight?

Aha! Here's one of the missing reindeer...

...wandering off to see Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.

The Miller's Cottage

A little Fairy house.

Even Jonah's whale is there, sending up a geyser of water from his blowhole every minute or so.

a Christmas themed "Ferris Wheel"

Merry Christmas.

This is one of the photos I took after the lights began coming on.
There weren't as many fairy lights as in previous years and with the flood lights shining on the figurines etc, the whole area was almost as bright as daylight until the sky was completely black.
I didn't stay around that long,(although I do have a few more photos taken after dark), I headed for the tam station and went back into the city to Victoria Square.....

The city's Christmas tree. The star at the top changes colour every few seconds going from red to aqua, yellow, green, purple, blue and back to red again.

Here's a close up.
I hope you've enjoyed this little Christmas journey. 


  1. Thank you so much. I love Christmas lights and the city Christmas tree looks like a really good one. I hope you had a nice time getting these photos to share with us.

  2. EC; it was nice wandering along the riverbank, watching the families with little kids oohing and ahhhing.

  3. All your photos look beautiful. Very professional!

    I love the city tree. It always makes me feel more festive.

  4. Oh stupid me! I was going through your pics before reading your post thinking it looked nearly as nice as the West End Brewery display in Adelaide... D'oh!

  5. Very nice, but after I read the first few words, I thought, River is off to the brewery to stock up for christmas.

  6. What a great display. Really gets you in the mood for Christmas doesn't it?

  7. This may just be me, and from quite a distance, I might add, but the whole thing looks rather magical to me.


  8. Fun! Fairy house was my fave part. :)

  9. Bonza photos. Its good to see the christmas spirit is alive and well :-).

  10. Sarah; thank you. It does feel more like Christmas once the city tree lights up.

    Tempo; have you seen the West End display before? It's become an SA icon hasn't it?

    Andrew; the only thing I stock up for Christmas is ham. I like the "Loin Ham", a small rolled ham very similar to bacon, but without the saltiness and fat, which seems to be available only at Christmas, so that's when I buy two or three and freeze them.

    Delores; it makes a lovely night out for families with kids. They have toddler sized merry-go-rounds there as well, I'll post pictures of those another day.

    Pearl; it is magical, especially closer to Christmas when the riverbank is crowded with families with cameras and glo-sticks, kids eating fairy-floss (candy-floss I believe you call it).

    Happy Elf; I love that too, but the Miller's Cottage is my favourite. Most of the displays are nursery rhyme based.

    Windsmoke; thanks. Getting more and more Christmassy as the time flies towards the big day.

  11. Some people sure go all out don't they. I haven't even put my tree up this year, nobody home to appreciate it. I do enjoy going round the streets at night though, everything looks so schparkly all lit up.

  12. I enjoyed it HEAPS! I love Christmas. And photo tours. Put them together and it's just about heaven!

  13. Baino; the display belongs to the West End Brewery, and the city tree of course belongs to the Adelaide council.
    Why not put up your tree so thatYOU can appreciate it?

    Melissa; Christmas and photo tours DO go well together.

  14. I love it! Why dont we have the same vibe here in Melbourne?