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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

some earrings for EC

So that The Elephant's Child doesn't have to go trolling through my archives, here are two pictures of my Christmas earrings and one picture of the brooches that are currently adorning my second cap.

this is the original earring collection......

these are the newer ones. There's even more now, a pair of snowmen has been added,  but I've forgotten to take an updated photo.

The brooches. There are two of the holly & bells, and two of the Santas.
I don't have the Santas on the cap yet, they'll go on tomorrow, along with that Christmas tree on the left.
The cap is already quite heavy, I'll probably put the tree and one Santa on my shirt.


  1. Oooh. Thank you so much. I have been seriously outclassed by your collection. I have only two pairs of Christmas earrings - some green balls like the ones used as tree ornaments and my latest pair which are shaped like a string of lights and flash on and off. I think I will wear them on Christmas Day when I go in to do a shift at Lifeline.

  2. EC; yes, wear them both on Christmas day, if you have double piercings. If not, attach the flashing ones to a headband or something. Brighten up the Lifeline office! I get most of my earrings from the Reject Shop or from Cheap as Chips. This year I haven't seen a single pair that I'd want to buy.

  3. Lovely collection! I better start mine.

  4. You are one festive gal, ain't ya?!

    :-) I love the earrings (and the hat!!)


  5. You shine the light for all of us. I must dig out my one and only Christmas pin.

  6. Joni Llanora; yes, start your collection and wear them to make others smile in the frenzied shopping rush that is the lead up to the big day.

    Pearl; I'm not a huge fan of Christmas, but I do like to make people smile and when they're frantically rushing about gathering everything they think they'll need (and more) trying to remember what they've forgotten, my cap at the checkout is just the sight they need.

    Delores; one and only? Get another, he must be lonely. Get several and match or contrast to your outfits. Or pin all of them at once to a lapel or onto your bag/hat/scarf.

  7. Wow! Looks like an entire chest of festive pirate loot has been emptied. :)

  8. Happy Elf Mom; it does look like a shiny pile of loot, doesn't it?

  9. I am still working on my Christmas brooch Christmas tree. The inner piece for pinning the brooches on is finished but the frame is still has the undercoat of paint and waiting for the gold. I only tell you this to let you know that the original tally of 45 brooches is now 105. They must breed, it can't be that I bought all of them.