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Monday, May 28, 2012

Read this in a magazine and just had to share...

(copied entirely)


Drinking vs drudgery
"People are always trying to convince us to drink less. Think of the children, they say.
Think of the liver. The money. The embarrassment of walking into stationary objects.
Yet even as broken blood vessels riddle the cheeks of the nation, on we drink.
Until now. In breakthrough research, Deakin University has made a horrifying discovery:
drinking cuts into housework time. Yes, I know, it's one of those razor-sharp truths that will
pierce the heart of the stoutest imbibers of stout. Think of all the cleaning time you've been
missing out on. Next time you head to the pub for a post-footy beer, remember: you could be
home doing the dishes."
Tory Shepherd, The Punch

This made me laugh quite a lot!


  1. Ha ha I don't drink but I laughed! Nice find.

  2. No drinkers here but really...cutting into housework time...I may need to look into this.

  3. I think Tory nipped around the corner an extra time or two.

  4. Substitute 'drinking' for:
    * eating chocolate
    * daydreaming about eating chocolate
    * feeling remorse about the amount of chocolate eaten
    * daydreaming about a slimmer body with a metabolism that turns chocolate into fully functional brain cells
    * singing to the dog
    * reading blogs

    ....and that's how I avoid housework.

  5. Fenstar deLuxe; I was curious about the title, so read the article; it certainly made me laugh.

    Delores; you could substitute almost anything for the drinking.

    Joanne; Nipping around the corner is probably better than drinking at home, because then you can't see the housework you're missing out on. Of course there's the added inconvenience of having to return home to have it all still there.

    Kath; feeling remorse? Shame on you. Remorse should only be felt for the chocolate you haven't managed to get to. I've decided to practise ignoring rather than avoiding. If I don't look up from the book/computer/TV, I can't see the dust gathering.

  6. This is very funny...thanks for sharing!!

  7. I have to admit right here that as a single bloke living alone i dont do as much housework as maybe I could.. it sucks!
    You do all that cleaning and then, just six months later you have to do it all again!

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  9. One Too Many; you're welcome.

    Tempo; I don't do as much as I should either. It doesn't seem to matter as much as it used to.

  10. I know everyone is going to put down their glasses RIGHT NOW as a result of this study.

    Ba ha ha ha!

  11. Happy Elf Mom; their reading glasses perhaps...