Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I found this shop....

Must be where all the best-dressed Hobos get their suits.

Ha Ha, I'm soooo funny!

(stoopid photo won't load....)

oh look! There it is. And it only took six tries.....

I looked in the window as I walked past this shop and it has some really excellent men's clothing.


  1. ha ha that really is an unfortunate name!

  2. Looks like somewhere I'd shop...
    Most of the times photos dont load or take ages it's because your camera takes high quality shots which are too high for the web. My new camera takes photos at 14megapixel but I reduce them in Photoshop to about 4MP for the web. They load in seconds and if anyone takes them from my page and tries to print them they are rubbish quality

  3. I went for a 'tramp' over to your site and saw this photo...

  4. They've come up with a clever name for the place; hobo is a stunning word.

    "oh look! There it is. And it only took six tries....."

    A definite Highriser influence.

  5. I notice the Financial Review in the background, right next door it seems, that's a fart in the face to a true hobo.

  6. The Financial Times, my dear RH, is a most desired publication for any Hobo on any park bench or under any road overpass particularly after local councils remove homeless people's belongings.
    Or they do if you live in Monash Council area grrr.

  7. Delores; yes.

    Fenstar De Luxe; I think it's quite clever.

    Tempo; I know. This photo was taken with the 16 megapixel camera. My older camera has only 5mps and those photos load much faster. but it doesn't have the anti-shake feature which I like because my hands aren't always steady. People have suggested I use a tripod, but I can't see myself carting one of those everywhere just in case I spot something worth photographing.

    klahanie; it's nice that you tramp about the internets from the comfort of your home.

    R.H. Highriser influence? The Financial Review is great for stuffing up jumpers and jackets to keep the wind out.

    Jayne; it does make good pillows and covers. Also budgie cage liners.

  8. Come on girls, I thought of that angle but don't like making too many comments. I was called prolific once, which is a word I associate with pimps.
    I'm an authority on hobos, having in my youth lived and been jailed with them. They're an authority too, their speciality being "The Law!" They know more about it than the Chief Justice of the High Court.
    If you believe them.