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Saturday, September 22, 2012

strangely...I find myself knitting again

Years ago, I used to knit stuff.
Not much, because I'm not very good at it, and never anything really big.

In the beginning, at around age 17-18, I knitted a huge six foot long, eight inches wide,  scarf in blocks of colour.
The plan was to knit several more, then sew them together and have a colourful bedcover.
Never happened.
Two winters ago, I finally gave away the scarf. 

I mostly stuck to small stuff, like baby bonnets and bootees, a few matinee jackets, even a toddler jumper or two.  I used to be able to do a complete pair of bootees in a night.
Nothing to brag about really, the mother-in-law could knit an entire layette in a night and do the matching shawl the next night.
I swear that woman could knit in her sleep!
Me? I have to count rows and stitches and read the pattern line by line........stitch by stitch.......

In 2010 I knitted a pale pink scarf for my youngest grand daughter.
I'd seen the wool in Lincraft and couldn't pass it up, it was so soft and pretty.

It was used as a ninja scarf for the baby doll.
Doll and scarf are still at my house.

Sometime later, on a night when I had nothing to do, the computer was crashed, I made a bonnet for the same baby doll.

Not bad for on a whim, no pattern, use up that last bit of wool, couple of hours.

Then I put the needles away.

Last week, my daughter K gave me a ball of yarn she had left over from learning to finger knit.
She'd only used a couple of metres, and couldn't be bothered doing anything more with it.
I brought it home and looked at it for a day or so, then out came the needles and I started knitting.

A skinny scarf.

The ball of yarn is almost all gone, but I've decided I want this scarf to be long.
Really long. Tom Baker-Dr Who long.

So I went out today and bought two more balls. The scarf should eventually be almost 3 metres long.

I love the colours and the store has other colour ranges in the same yarn.
Maybe I'll make more scarves.
Maybe I'll get bored after the one and not knit again for another few years.

I'll always have the needles though.
Just in case.


  1. Neat. Then you could wear it double and looped around your neck. They look wonderful. I just don't have one.

  2. I like the colours in that...

  3. Knitting is good for the soul

  4. Joanne Noragon; teach the girls to knit and you might just get one. I'd offer to make you one, but you might wait a very long time for it. Email me your address anyway, maybe it will motivate me. You like pink?

    Delores; they are lovely colours, would look good with a matching beanie or soft beret.

    peskypixies; it's calming, but not so good for the carpal tunnel syndrome. I have to stop each day when the middle fingers go numb.

  5. I like an arty woman who can cook as well.

    (Could you knit me a homosexual?)

  6. For someone who implied that they were not much of a knitter I think your creations look WONDERFUL. Knitting is something I never learned. Some day perhaps.

  7. It is the wool stores which I find so tempting - the colours, the textures all cry out "knit me, knit me", then when I get them home they go strangely silent.

    I hope you get that scarf finished and enjoy wearing your creation, the colours are great.

  8. R.H. knit you a what? do they sell patterns for that? anyway, I'm too busy. I have a scarf to finish and a vegetable curry to make for dinner.

    EC; Plain knitting is relatively easy. It's those complicated patterns that stump me. In this scarf there are no instructions to "s1 k2tog psso" for instance. it's just k2 p2 rib from start to finish.

    Elaine; welcome to drifting. I knew another Elaine once, many years ago in school. I have the same trouble in the stores, all those balls of yarns, all the books of patterns. Many of which I have no hope of following successfully. Which is why I stick with simple things.

  9. Good heavens you're a witty bird, humour has got you through, am I right?

  10. HHHMMMmmm... sounds like the nesting instinct is kicking in!! I used to knit years ago while I watched TV, but now I've got a laptop that's FAR more interesting!!!

  11. R.H. humour always gets me through.

    Red Nomad; I rarely knit, my nesting instinct runs towards cleaning, organising and stocking up. My back porch currently holds four bulk packs of toilet paper. That's close to 100 rolls.