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Monday, June 10, 2013

What Irritates You Monday

"What irritates you Monday" is a meme thought up by Delores from The Feathered Nest.

Here, on a Monday, we get a chance to vent our little, or not so little, things that irritate us.
It doesn't have to be something on that particular Monday, it can be anything that irritates you any day of any week.  

Today, my irritation is....

The ache and throb of varicose veins that aren't noticed all day, but play merry hell when trying to fall asleep for the night. 
Those of you who have them will know what I  am talking about.
Those of you who don't are so very, very, lucky.

Sometimes I remember to put my feet up during the day and sometimes it's enough at night just to put a couple of extra pillows under my knees and feet. 
Other nights have me getting up again to *find the pain relieving cream recommended by a friend and rubbing some of that over the worst of the veins. It works very well and within fifteen or twenty minutes I'm able to sleep. 

I used to have a lie down with my feet raised higher than my head every day, but I've been neglecting to do that and will have to get back into the habit. 

*there isn't really any finding involved, I know exactly where it is.


  1. Sounds terrible.

  2. Awful. I think I would have that magical creme in by bedside table so I didn't have to get up.

  3. Delores; there are days when I'm not at all bothered by them. Then I'll get a week when the legs hurt every night. Drives me crazy.

    Elephant's Child; I keep the cream in the bathroom because I wash my hands after applying it, in case I rub my eyes in my sleep.

  4. I'm so sorry that you have pain at night.
    There's nothing worse than having to endure pain when you need to sleep and let the body heal.

  5. Poor you. Wise to keep the cream where you do, so that you can wash your hands. You don't need sore eyes as well.

  6. My veins are okay, but my bones ache. I elevate my right ankle at night; it didn't heal well after breaking.

    Age. What can I say?!

  7. I was irritated almost to the point of throwing something at the tv when I watched the last of Avatar and had to put up with fat Mat Preston's head across the bottom of the screen advertising MasterChef. Fortunately I'd already watched the movie on my dvd player without annoying ads. That's another irritation, that I didn't get to watch it on the big screen when it was released.

  8. Vicki; I'm thankful that it isn't every night.

    jabblog; that's something my mother taught me.

    Susan; I need to remember to elevate my legs during the day when I sit between jobs. Age-I used to look forward to getting old and taking things more slowly, then I discovered all the aches etc that go with aging....

    JahTeh; those bottom of screen ads are a huge irritation, so much so they put me off TV altogether. If there is a scheduled movie that I already have on dvd, I'll watch that instead. If I don't have it, I'll choose another dvd or turn the TV off altogether rather than see all those ads. I rarely see something on the big screens anymore. The cost of tickets, plus getting there and back by unreliable buses, is too much.

  9. Yep. Veins, no. Arthritis, yes. Sigh.

  10. Diane Tolley; I have the arthritis too. Just a few joints are affected, the most irritating is the back of the neck and my right thumb.