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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Malt Extract - syrupy goodness in a can

I've mentioned Malt Extract in comments on a few blogs lately, so thought I'd show you just what it is.

thick, syrupy goodness, that comes in a can.  (googled image)

Like this. When I was very young, the cans were blue, smaller and made of actual metal, these ones today are foil lined cardboard with a metal lid. A 1kg can is close to $10, but at one teaspoon a day it lasts me quite a while.

no fat, source of all the B vitamins and GMO free.

this image of the strong baby has always been on the cans, but when the cans were blue it was the main image on the front, where we now have the stocks (sheaves?) of barley.

here's the nutritional panel for anybody who might be interested. I don't believe I've ever read this, I just take my teaspoonful and put the can back in the cupboard.
I've had a spoonful of this every day as long as I can remember. We kids would line up after dinner (tea) for a spoonful of milk emulsion, ugh! (cod liver oil mixed in something resembling milk), also known as milk of magnesia, this was followed by a spoonful of malt extract.
My sister, who is crazy, loved milk, so she'd line up for an extra spoonful of the milk emulsion.....told you she was crazy!
Most of the time I mix it into my morning porridge, but if I'm not having porridge, I just eat it off the spoon. I still have  cod liver oil too, but these days it's a capsule and tasteless.

there are recipes on the back which I have never made, but I'm having serious thoughts about the malted banana shake....mmmmm. And I have vague memories of bread that my mum used to make which was brown and sweet. 

I googled for images and found that...

malt extract is available in powdered form. I'm going to search for that next time I go to the Central Market. There's a shop there which might have it, they have spelt flour too....
I'd like to try and make bread....

like this. It looks so yummy! and I have a bread tin to bake it in.

There's a website, here, with more recipes.
I'll be checking that website myself soon for the bread recipe.


  1. I checked that website and the only recipes there are the ones on the can. I thought they'd have more.

  2. I use it in vanilla malt shakes.

  3. I remember taking milk emulsion duly lined up behind three sisters, but I've never tried malt extract .... I imagine it might taste a tad like golden syrup or molasses.

  4. I don't know how I developed a taste for malt. Wonderful stuff. I don't know where to buy it any more. I used to be able to malt tablets at the drug store. I've never seen the syrup you're showing.

  5. I love reading your stories of things you have where you live...I've never heard of this but assume it's just like the maple syrup we use on pancakes here? A sweetener for your hot cereal or so I imagine. Very cool!

  6. I only remember malt in milkshakes but I do remember cod liver oil and it was horrible.

  7. Is one teaspoon the average serve? I nearly fainted when reading the carbs and sugar on the list. I do remember the malt bread mum used to buy when I was little, it was a high top loaf and it was yum.

  8. I've only ever bought the powdered form, it's super yummy in milkshakes and naughty foods ;)

  9. The skinny one really likes it, and I might try and reintroduce it into his diet. I am not a fan. Too sweet for me (though it is years since I tried it).

  10. Vicki; the syrup or powder? Any podwer I've seen in supermarkets is malted milk powder, which is not what I want. I just want powdered malt.

    Dianne; golden syrup is made from sugar cane so is very sweet, I don't know what molasses is made from. Malt extract is made from barley, not overly sweet, a quite unique flavour.

    Joanne Noragon; I developed the taste at a very young age, having a spoonful every day as we did, then later when we had milkshakes in the summer, dad always got them with malt. Check online to see where you can get the syrup near you.

    Jennifer Kay; it's not at all like maple syrup. It's thicker and with a very unique flavour. I've never thought of it as a sweetener, nor used it as such. It's a health supplement for me, rich in Vitamin Bs.

    Merlesworld; the malt in milkshakes makes them taste so much better, richer somehow. Cod liver oil is much easier to take in capsule form.

    JahTeh; I don't know what the average serve is, the can says 35g, but I've never bothered to weigh it out. I just take the teaspoon.

    Jayne; do you buy pure powdered malt or malted milk powder which is powdered milk with malt powder added? I want to find and buy powdered malt, without the milk powder. I can't have too much milk.

    Elephant's Child; it might just do him a lot of good. Perhaps you could try a small amount stirred into hot porridge, then you might not notice the taste so much.

  11. There was something I used to give my two when they were little as a daily teaspoon of but I forget what it was called. That was back in the 1950/60s and it was yummy. Does anyone remember what it was?
    The carbs and sugar in this makes me a little wary (the diabetes thingie is always there to remind me) but I believe it is extremely good for one. Food for thought that's for sure.

  12. Sweet taste, strange texture, one spoonful never enough.

    It's sure made you a feisty gal!

  13. Mimsie; the only things I remember from those times were the Milk of Magnesia, (milk emulsion-cod liver oil)and the Saunders Malt extract.

    R.H. have you had this? The texture isn't strange at all, thick syrup. The taste is unique.

  14. I've never seen malt extract, but I'll have to check the next time I go to the international market. They have all sorts of things there. With all those B vitamins, it sure sounds worthwhile. And better tasting than cod liver oil, too, I'll bet. (And you're right... the capsules are SO much better!)

  15. It's very dense. Unique flavour. Looks mysterious.

    My daddy was a Golden Syrup man, we put it on bread; Malt Extract belonged in the better sort of home. My psychotic friend likes Malt Extract, he's got a can of it right now. I like it too. And Coles sells it don't you know. And hey, the day you agree with me on anything I'll wave my old fellow on the steps of Saint Pauls.

  16. Maybe treacle is called molasses in America. I don't know. It's darker than golden syrup, less refined maybe, bit like myself. You're terribly refined, German woman, like Queen Victoria.

  17. Susan; almost anything is better tasting than cod liver oil, or any of the fishy oils. I cut a capsule once to see what the oil tasted like and couldn't get the taste out of my mouth for hours, no matter what I ate or drank. I hope you find the malt extract. Maybe online...

    R.H. we had golden syrup, but it was only used for baking. We had honey for bread or crumpets, but I've never really liked it, although I do use it in my herbal teas. I do know that Coles sells it, also Woolworths and probably Foodland too. I'm looking for powdered malt for baking bread and biscuits. Maybe they have it with the beer brewing stuff in Coles, but I don't know if there is a difference between brewing malt and baking malt.
    You might be right about treacle being molasses, I don't like either, the taste is too strong and slightly bitter.
    The refinement came from my mother's teachings. My dad was the sort who licks the plate and puts his feet up on the coffee table.

  18. The Wicked Writer; the malt extract or the milk emulsion cod liver oil?