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you get lost and find a better one.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

these puppies are stuffed

When I lived in my previous home, I had two more rooms than I have now.
So I had a lot more stuff.
Most of it useless and unnecessary.
But it was mine and I liked it.

Then I got this smaller flat and had to pass on a lot of that stuff.
Choosing what to let go was a big, big, decision.
Heart breaking.

Like these two puppies......

on the far right, Vanilla Custard, more commonly known as Custard, left of him is Chocolate Fudge, more commonly known as Fudge. 
Gorgeously soft and floppy, cuddly too.
They were Christmas puppies, one had a red and green striped scarf, the other a red and white striped, long, stocking cap. With a pom-pom on the end.

I took them to the local St Vinnies op shop, they were placed in the window and sold the next day.

I miss them, and now that there is a new baby in the family, I wish I'd kept them.
What baby doesn't love a stuffed puppy?

At least I still have the baby polar bear, Caramel, and the long-armed monkey, Jerome. 
My great nephew can play with those when he is a bit older and comes to visit.


  1. I have many stuffed animals and dolls, I not sure where they came from some are my childrens left overs, I kind of like them being around.

  2. I know that pain of letting go of stuff. I've been doing that all summer. It's so hard when everything has meaning ,,,, and a name.

  3. .. I like your monkey and bear and I'm sure your nephew will too....
    I've been passing on a lot of things out of our house..... it was hard but worth it ..... the house feels fresher.....
    Thanks for your visits...I like hearing from you xx
    Have a god day....
    Hugs and Blessings
    Barb xxx

  4. I still have some stuffed animals from when I was a child. They are old and battered and I don't think anyone else could love them, but I am not ready to give them up yet.
    I am sure your great-nephew will love the monkey and the bear...

  5. Merlesworld; I don't know what I was thinking of letting them go, they didn't take up hardly any room. If I ever spot them in a secondhand shop, I'll bring them home.

    Manzanita; I think I let go of the wrong things. I have no stuffed puppies, but I have way too many frying pans.

    Barbara Neubeck; they're very soft and cuddly and washable too.

    Elephant's Child; I don't have anything from my childhood except my Christmas elf. He won't be allowed tom play with it though, it's fragile.

  6. I did that once and regretted it so now I have about 25 tiny teddies and one large one. I also have a very ugly bear that I just had to buy because a child in the shop threw it on the ground and called it ugly. My heart just broke so I brought him home. A house is not a home without a bear or 20.

  7. It's funny how babies choose their stuffed toys, My youngest had many great dolls and toys but would not let go of her stuffed Cow Emily. She's had Emily since birth and she's now 26. Oh, how family and friends tried to persuade her to take another toy...

  8. My son had a monkey like that,and one day he wrapped it around his neck as we drove down the should have seen the shocked looks on motorist's faces. It was fun!

  9. An awful pity. You shouldn't have parted with them.

  10. JahTeh; I bought one of my monkeys because he was sitting all alone on the end of a closed checkout. He just looked like he needed a hug, so I took him behind the desk and told the girls not to sell him or put him back because I was buying him after my shift. I carried him home on my hip like a baby. Most of the others were op shop finds. Only Fudge, Custard and Caramel are supermarket or toy shop purchases. I'm definitely going to hunt for more puppies, Christmas sales would be a good time. Can you post a picture of all your teddies?

    Kymbo; my eldest had a stuffed rabbit that was dressed in a little floral skirt trimmed in lace, she carried it everywhere until she was 3. My sister had two gollywogs that she always had with her. I was never a toy carrier, that's probably why I have them now.

    Linda O'Connell; the long armed ones are great, you can hang them from anything. I have two, the other is black, they both have velcro grip on the paws and they have hung off trees, curtain rods, backs of chairs, even light fittings.

    R.H. you're right and I'll be searching for them. I may even put a photo in the paper with a wanted notice.