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Saturday, September 7, 2013

world's greatest weather predictor

Here's an excerpt from the book I'm currently reading, All The Pretty Girls by JT Ellison.

" incredibly unique pattern that was baffling the police. He only raped in months that ended in the letter Y; January, February, May and July. He only struck when it was raining, sometimes even in violent thunderstorms. Every attack came on the third Thursday of the month. And he'd only done two rapes a year."

What's that fourth sentence again?

"Every attack came on the third Thursday of the month"

So he only attacks when it's raining and always on the third Thursday of the month.

How does he know it's going to be raining on the third Thursday of any month that has a Y ending??

He's either incredibly lucky, in which case can he please buy me a lottery ticket, or he's the world's greatest weather predictor and Channel Seven should hire him toot sweet!


  1. You are right river, every year, he has only 4 attack dates. And it has to be a rainy day. So, how many years has he been committing the crime for the detective to work out his pattern?

  2. ..or the thread of that book is a little too far stretched..

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  4. This is truly creepy. I get the feeling that he is a stalker, and that his victims are lucky for a very long time - and then their luck runs out.
    And yes, like mm I want to know just how the police have worked out his pattern - and whether he is now raping people from his zimmer frame...

  5. mm; apparently he waits for a rainy day, but whichever hemisphere he is in, at least two of those months will be summer and unlikely to be rainy. I think the author has indulged in a little literary licence.

    Kymbo; there were a few bits that seemed a bit far fetched with this character.

    Elephant's Child; all stalker rapists are creepy, heck, stalkers are creepy enough without the raping part. The character was a young man, only on the police radar for a couple of years, who took his opportunities when he found them. He got caught too.

  6. Must be awfully frustrating in a dry spell! I think I may not read this book:-)

  7. jabblog; not all of the story is about the rapist, there's a serial killer who cuts off his victim's hands....

  8. don't think I'll be reading this one...thanks for the warning...I'm not big on blood and gore and insanity.

  9. Well, at least it's all a figment of some imagination.

  10. Delores; I like this sort of thing better than the ones where the characters are constantly falling in and out of love and hopping from bed to bed. I do like some romance novels, but there needs to be a decent story to go with the lovey-dovey bits.

    Joanne; and thank goodness for that.

  11. He has 4 months of the year so that gives him 4 Thursdays and if he's in the UK or somewhere like that there's a good chance it will rain anyway. Perhaps he just waits till it does rain???
    Sounds a bit gory for me and yet I love a good murder mystery or similar.

  12. Mimsie; the story was set in a small town in America, so the chance of rain in the two summer months is unlikely. Just waiting for it to rain might not get him a third Thursday and then he has to have a month ending in Y as well. This was just a small story inside the larger story of a serial killer and really it was quite a mild story, compared to some I've read.