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Wednesday's Words on a Friday

stupid walkman? or stupid brain?

I spent most of yesterday trying to put a new playlist on my walkman.

I haven't done this for who-knows-how-long....years for sure. Many years.

It seems I've forgotten how to do it.
I went through my music library, selected a couple of hundred songs, clicked "add to sync list", so far so good....connected the usb....clicked on start sync and things progressed nicely. Then I accidentally clicked the "stop sync" button.
Only two songs were now on my walkman.

No big deal....I'll start over.
Re-selected a couple of hundred songs, minus the two which were already transferred, clicked on start sync.

Then started reading blogs, leaving comments, time know how it goes. Checked in every now and again, the little syncing icon was twirling around, but nothing was being transferred.
I'll leave it a bit longer, see what happens?

Six hours later, there were still only two songs on my walkman.
I must have done something right to begin with, since I no…

Whimsical Wednesday #112

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

nuff said.....

market day...what I saw, what I bought

As you all remember, last Saturday I went wandering down to the Fullarton Community Centre where the annual plants, arts and crafts market was on.

I remembered the first time I went, it was quite a small event, a few tents and stalls laid out in the carpark.......this year it was quite a bit larger. Actually a lot larger.
It took me at least an hour to walk around looking at stalls to see what there was, I had a bit of a look at stuff, then I did a slower circuit and really looked, especially at the book stalls. There were only two and as I looked through the books on offer I was surprised by how many I had already read.

I didn't take my granny trolley as I wasn't planning on buying anything or maybe just a small thing or two....

Let's just say next year I'll be taking the granny trolley.  
And more money.

There were many, many stalls with jewellery, some homemade and very nicely presented, some that looked a lot like one of those glittery Asian stalls at Central Market…

Sunday Selections # 160


got things to do today.....

I'm heading off to the local plants, arts and crafts market this morning.
I haven't been for a couple of years and since the weather here is cooler now and I'm less likely to melt while walking there, I'll be wandering up there right after breakfast.

I planned on doing the grocery shopping first, but the market closes at 1pm and the supermarket is open until 5pm...and the craft market is more fun to wander around anyway, so I'm going there first.

Maybe I'll buy stuff....let you know when I get back.

Wednesday's Words on a Friday

oooh! Heavy Machinery!

There's things happening here......things that involve big machines....trucks and bobcats....

A while ago, there was a residents meeting in the community hall where several persons from I-forget-where attended and spoke to residents then walked up and down the driveway looking at the surface and admiring the gardens.

The driveway, which goes right through from the main road to a side street and also runs around behind several of the blocks of flats, is in pretty poor condition.

 all cracked up

The inspectors put in applications for roadworks, depending on what needed doing there was a decision to be made regarding resurfacing or repairing. After the last few rainstorms, it was decided the whole driveway would be resurfaced.

edges and gutters are in bad shape

 pot holes

Work began last Monday and would be broken up into sections, two days per week per section, then the small areas behind the flats where the washing lines are placed would also be replaced as they are very uneven and…