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Wednesday's Words on a Friday

Thursday Thoughts #31

"You can't improve on perfection. That's why it's called perfection."

"....went to the fridge. I made a sandwich of things. I'm an American. We can eat anything as long as it's between two pieces of bread. With enough mustard......."

"Thin, built like someone who ran or rode a bicycle on their weekends. Clean cut without being particularly memorable, medium brown hair, medium height, medium brown eyes.
The only exceptional thing about his appearance was that there was nothing exceptional about his appearance."

Hey, look at that. Three quotes for the price of one. Heh.

Have you all read the papers about this Robert Allenby  fellow who was "bashed and robbed"?
Our Saturday paper dedicated a full two pages to this story. I didn't read it thoroughly, just skimmed over, so I've already forgotten the details, but these two paragraphs caught my eye:

"And what of that star witness, a homeless woman seemingly destined for involv…

Whimsical Wednesday # 160

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

Today's funny comes to us via fishducky.

thank you fishducky.

oh no, not again

I've just heard on the news here that a blizzard of historic proportions is bearing down on the USA.
Didn't y'all have enough of that last year?
Has Mother Nature misplaced her calendar from last year so she doesn't know where to send this year's blizzards?
Send one to the Sahara desert, they could use a little cooling down I'm sure.
Death Valley too.

Side note: what are "historic proportions"?  Would that be bigger than anything seen before in history?
That would be epic! 

I hope you're all ready. 
Got enough toilet paper?

Joanne; got enough road salt?
Delores; stocked up the pantry?
Pearl; lefty and stumpy in good condition? Know where your mittens are?
fishducky; wrap a quilt around yourself. insert a zipper to hold it together. cut armholes if you wish.

was I foolish or wise?

Remember the advice from the Heart Foundation?
We should all walk 10,000 steps per day in the interest of keeping our hearts healthy.

Sounds like a great idea. For a sloth like me, doing them all at once is probably not a good idea.
I think spacing them out over the course of the day is a better idea. Walking every day would be a good idea too. How far is 10,000 steps anyway? I never count my steps.

So here's what I did. 

I went to the movies. I saw Big Hero 6, it's an animated movie and quite good.
The cinema is quite a long distance away, (well it is on the map), but the bus trip doesn't take too long.
Anyway, I got out of the cinema about five minutes too late to catch the bus home and being a public holiday the next one wasn't due for an hour.

So I decided to walk until I heard the bus catching up with me. You know how it goes. Walk to the next stop, check and see if the bus is coming. Keep going.

Off I set, walking, walking, walking and it turned out to be not a…

Australia Day

Today is Australia Day, so I thought you might all appreciate an appropriate cartoon.

The great Aussie Barbecue.
Happy Australia Day!!

here is our national flag

and a description of the symbols

each state has their own version, that's mine centre top.

this is the flag of the indigenous people, the Aboriginals, original owners of this wide brown land.

and an idea for a new Aussie flag. It has a football, a beer stubbie, two sausages, uncooked by the look of them, and the black surface of the Aussie Barbecue.

Musical Monday #44

Now for something completely different, I bet not too many of you remember this.

Eddie Hodges.

I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door

I remember loving this way back when I was ....

Sunday Selections #208


I have discovered the easiest way to worm a cat

Since he was a tiny kitten, I have allowed Angel to lick the spoon clean whenever I've finished eating. I'll scrape down the sides of the bowl and Angel happily licks off the remains of porridge, weet-bix, ice-cream, yoghurt, gravy.
Never more than about half a teaspoon , I'm pretty sure large amounts of  ice-cream isn't good for cats.

Anyway, when it came time for his regular dose of worming medicine, I squeezed the dose onto a teaspoon, held it out and he licked it clean.

Finding a spot of skin to squeeze the flea treatment onto is a harder matter.
I just hold the scruff of the neck like his mama would and poke the nozzle of the tube deep between his shoulders and hope it's deep enough. 

Just look at this cat.

here he is asleep or watching TV

see how dense his neck ruff is? I can't part the hair anywhere and see skin.

waking up

settling down again
what you're seeing here is not overfed fat cat. It's fur. 
His tail hairs are 10cm long and  the body hairs are 7cm

Wednesday's Words on a Friday