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Saturday, January 3, 2015

summer has just barely begun

and already we are suffering bush fires in this driest of states in a very dry country.

Firefighters have been battling an uncontrollable fire in the scrublands north-east of my Adelaide at Sampson's Flat with surrounding areas Humbug Scrub, Kersbrook, Inglewood, Gumeracha*, Cudlee Creek* and more being in danger as 110km winds fan the flames. The winds have changed direction several times causing the fire to be known as a Catherine Wheel (like the firework) as it spins off in different directions. Undeveloped terrain is making it hard for firefighters to get to some areas, many homes and small communities have been evacuated.

I woke this morning to the smell of smoke inside my home, many, many kilometres away from the fires. 

Yesterday's temperature here in Adelaide reached 44.1C, with little rainfall in the preceding months the countryside is as dry as tinder. Normal for SA, but the fires make things so much worse and to top it off, I have just read on my news page that people are being asked to not use any water if possible to conserve as much as possible for the firefighters who are worried about running out. And well they might worry, SA is well known for its lack of water.

Five homes have been destroyed so far and a few people injured and taken to hospitals, but I believe no lives have been lost.  I sincerely hope everyone stays as safe as they can be.

Some of you might remember the Gorge Wildlife Park which I visited with two friends and blogged about a few months ago. It is at Cudlee Creek*, one of the areas in danger from this bushfire.

Gumeracha* is home to the Giant Rocking Horse....

there are rumours this horse has been destroyed by the fire, but nothing as yet verified on that. 
I've often made plans to one day go and see this Giant Rocking Horse, but haven't yet got around to it. 
It's the main tourist attraction for The Gumeracha Toy Factory.  (Gum-er-acka)

There is another bushfire burning in the south-east of the state, further away from Adelaide, but recently downgraded to "watch and wait" status. 

What we need right now is a statewide drenching 24 hour rain.


  1. I could not imagine anything worse that losing my home to fire. Lets hope there is no loss of life as another tragedy unfolds.

  2. Nationwide drenching rains. There are fires in Victoria too, and parts of Tasmania are on high alert. And it is dry, dry, dry here too. Rain predicted, but not falling.
    I saw your temperatures (and those of Melbourne) and shuddered. We are too hot, but not that hot.

  3. Jacana; fire is one of the very worst ways to lose a home, it's so final.

    Elephant's Child; I just found out about Victoria with further reading on my news page, I heard yesterday that Tassie was on alert. We're looking at cooler temps for the rest of the week, but no rain. Yet.

  4. Rain? What's this new word 'rain'??!!

  5. Hi River,

    Today it is 5C here. Tomorrow it is 3C here. I did have to endure high temperatures in Oman last year - 46C - but only for a few days.

    To be honest, I prefer temperatures between 20C and 30C. Anything higher is painful.

    I hope it cools down soon.


    Cheers from a wintry UK


  6. Red Nomad OZ; it's similar to when you have a shower, but the water falls from the sky :)

    Plasman; cooler temperatures are expected for the rest of the week, but the fires will continue to burn, the country is so very dry and they've got a good hold now with winds helping to stir them up. Since posting this earlier, the fire has spread quite a bit.

  7. Fingers crossed for some much need rain. Stay safe

  8. Boy...I hope everyone in the bushfire areas get drenching rain...and very soon. It's heartbreaking.

  9. Delores; not much hope of rain and everything is too dry for it to do much good anyway. We need a prolonged, drenching downpour.

    Lee; I hope so too, everyone does I'm sure, but I just can't see it happening. There's not a cloud to be seen except for smoke haze.