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Saturday, January 10, 2015

to be (snacking) or not to be (snacking)

point one: feeling a little desperate that there are "no" snacks in the house.

point two: my fridge is full of apricots, nectarines, grapes, watermelon and rockmelon.
there's even an unopened block of chocolate, in there since long before Christmas.

point three: so what's the problem? I could just eat fruit, right?

Well, yes. I could. 

But my mouth is craving the sweetness, the soft textures and yummy flavours of doughnuts from the Gourmet Glaze (The Holey Doughnut Company) shop in the city, (similar, but better doughnuts than Krispy Kreme). 
My mouth is craving the mince pies that I make and eat every Christmas. 

I know better than to give in to my mouth, this is my taste buds talking, not my stomach. 
If I was truly hungry I would be eating the fruit.  Or cooking dinner. 

I eventually stood over the sink eating two nectarines. Why over the sink? To catch the drips of course. 

I go through this every January, those mince pies.....oh, they call to me! 

But they are Christmas food and by February I'll be over the wanting of them. 

The doughnuts are easy enough to resist, there is only one shop, it's all the way into the city and they are $3 each!


  1. I try not to have snack foods in the house ... given that I am fairly lazy and it's too much effort to go out looking for snack food ... so how come I'm still so fat lol?

  2. I'm on a 2 weeks purge to get rid of the sugar habit. No carbs or sugar, just protein and fat. Love me some protein and fat, but sure am starting to miss potatoes and pasta. I would kill for a krispy kreme!

  3. I hear you. My taste buds call the shots much more often than they should. Which shows.

  4. It's terrible when the seed of a certain desire (food desire) is planted in the brain...there it stays until you just have to go and get what it's demanding! It won't give up...but you will give will, if you're like me! lol

  5. Joanne; three dollars is a bit much, but the doughnuts are decently sized and nicely flavoured.

    Delores; I rarely have snack foods in the house, not even biscuits unless I've made them myself, and that's a rare occurrence. this craving is a result of the Christmas goodies.
    I'm fat too, but not from snacks, this is purely because I eat too much and sit too long.

    joeh; I'm cutting back on the sugar again and eating more protein (hello steak!), but there's no way, NO WAY I'm living without potatoes or pasta. I can cut back on those though.

    Lee; I won't be giving in to the doughnuts, they're too expensive and the mince pies will be all the more welcome next Christmas for the long waiting.

  6. Elephant's Child; how did I miss you up there? My taste buds call the shots over Christmas and at Easter with the silver wrapped chocolate bunny that looks like the Lindt one but is made in Germany. I don't remember his name, he wears a blue bow with a fake pearl. I blogged about him a few years ago, 2011 I think, maybe 2010.

  7. Elephant's Child; found it, march 4th 2011, post is titled, "he smiled at me, so I walked on over"