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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Whimsical Wednesday # 169

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

I do like science!
Didn't get enough of it at school :(
The good stuff was kept for the higher grades, all we learned was a little plant biology, in my second year of high school, we 13 year olds finally learned a little chemistry.


  1. They have periodic tables on everything now, including shower curtains! I've seen BaCoN shirts also. :)

    Hey! Don't know if you browse comments after you post or not, so I'm leaving this here - follow up on that news story... enjoy!

  2. Happy Christine; i always browse comments to see replies. I'll check that link later this morning when I'm more awake.
    I've seen those t-shirts and shower curtains at the Think Geek website, I've wanted one of those shower curtains for years, but the shipping cost and currency conversion fees aren't worth it.

  3. I can remember in high school chemistry being fascinated when the teacher made a dog from the molecular construction of ethyl alcohol. The ethyl alcohol dog has stayed with me for rather a lot of years.

  4. I leaned toward science and biology big time. I even won the Indiana state science contest in 8th grade. The straw that broke my back and stopped me dead in my tracks was Calculus.

  5. Well I'll be. Ohio is Oxygen, Hydrogen, Iodine, Oxygen.

  6. I didn't do science at school. I did the three good old commercial subjects such as typing, shorthand and book-keeping, along with history, geography, English, Math, and home science (so I guess in a way I did some science...that used in the home kitchen)!

    Actually, I don't regret doing the subjects I did; they held me in good stead when I stepped into the working world and I used them all, in one way or the other, during my working life.

    I'm not sure about algebra, though. I could see no reason or rhyme for it when I was studying it (or supposed to be studying it)..and I still think it served me no good purpose! If I've ever used it, I never was aware I was!!! :)

  7. Didn't do chemistry sadly but the WT kindly gave me one......
    Sulphur, Hydrogen, Iodine, Telluriume........well, it works if your Irish!

  8. Oh , poof, .....meant - you are - flipping spell check!

  9. Elephant's Child; your teacher made a dog?? I'm envious. our teacher had us all make hydrogen sulphide, the rotten egg gas, because he knew all the boys were waiting to do that. We stank out the room and were told never to make it again. The rest of the year was mostly dull theoretical learning, not much practical work at all that I remember. Something with litmus paper.

    lotta joy; you lucky Americans start learning science, with real experiments in grade school, what we call primary school. We didn't then, I don't know if schools teach any now.

    Joanne; lots of oxygen for you then. :)

    Lee; I remember home science. We learned how to hospital corner our bedsheets and how to dry clean our school ties. I remember the sponge cake day fell flat, as there were twenty girls and only four ovens. Plus I already knew how to make a lighter-than-air sponge cake.
    I agree about Algebra, but geometry has come in useful.

    Gillie; S.H.I.T. I like that! Ignore spell check and proof read instead.

  10. Well, yes, I agree, but it's not really spell check, it's that wretched predictive text that tells you that's what you really wanted to write!
    Is that the word I mean.....predictive?

  11. That is very clever and I too wished we'd done more science at school. We did none at the Catholic school until I was nearly 12 and then at the C of E college I think it was once again the Leaving Cert kids that did more of it. I detested that school so left after 2 years to do commercial. No sciences in that lot.