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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

blech! blah!

I'd heard about it, I'd read the information sheet, so I knew I should expect a mild form of flu-like symptoms, but the entire long weekend passed with nothing out of the ordinary happening, so I thought maybe it wasn't going to happen, or maybe I'd had such a mild reaction I hadn't noticed it. Yay me.

I was wrong.

Woke up this morning feeling very stuffy in the sinuses, not unusual with my hayfever, but then the headache began. It felt exactly the same as the one I had last year just before the flu sank its talons into me. 
And it hung around all day in varying degrees of severity. I spent a good part of the day away from home, it's a long-standing arrangement, I do this thing every Tuesday, and on the way home on the bus I had to hold my head steady along several sections of road the seemed to be more corrugated than usual. The back of my skull recorded every single bump!

I know the cure for this and when I got home I had a hot coffee, stronger than usual, with so much sugar Willie Wonka would have been shocked, then I crawled into bed and slept for almost three hours. 
Soup and painkillers for dinner, and now I'm fine. Yay me!

So how was your Tuesday?


  1. That is why I stopped having flu shots.

  2. Andrew; not a good enough reason. A day or two of inconvenience compared with ten days of something that has the potential to kill you? I've heard that this year's flu is worse than last year with so many more people succumbing earlier in the season.

  3. Oh my, the injection gave you a touch, so pleased you got over it quickly...good on you.

  4. I'm with Andrew. The last two years I had a flu shot I forced myself through the morning, came home and slept until bed time and then slept all night.

  5. That is a bad reaction, but like you say better than the full blown thing.

  6. Gosh. I've just begun my Tuesday but no matter what happens, it's bound to be better than yours!
    I've never had a reaction to a flu shot. It seems unfair to end up with a day of exactly what you were trying to avoid.

  7. Thank God I've never had a bad reaction from a flu shot!!

  8. Horrid. Really horrid.
    My Tuesday was busy, but much, much better than yours.
    Today I am going to the hospital to visit a friend who was hit by a car a fortnight ago. She will spend at least the next month in there, and probably longer. My heart aches for her.

  9. I have a full-blown summer cold, but my container garden is busily producing lots of yummy stuff to eat, so on the whole it balances out. I'll sleep a great deal for the next day or so, then be back to mischief.

  10. I think it was the extra anti-virus they had to put in this year as I was feeling it and I never do.

  11. whiteangel; a touch is all it was, a day long touch, but then it was over.

    Joanne; did you get your reaction immediately or the next day? That's speedy. I had to wait four days. But then it only lasted one day and with a long nap in the middle I didn't notice it anymore than one of my hayfever/sinus migraines.

    joeh; far better than the full blown flu, this was over in a day, less really, and about the same as one of my hayfever migraines.

    Marty Damon; one day is far better than ten days of headache and more. chills, fever, nausea, sweating; one long headache is much easier.

    fishducky; I'm glad to hear it.

    Elephant's Child; I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, my 12 hour headache is nothing compared to what she must be going through. I hope she improves very very soon.

    Jac; I've heard of summer colds but never had one myself. Any stuffy headed sneezing is hayfever for me. I'm allergic to so many pollens. Hope you feel better soon.

    JahTeh; this is my first ever flu jab, so I have nothing to compare it with but I'll take your word for it on the extra anti-virus. I heard they were covering three strains of flu this year with the one jab.

  12. I've been having 'flu jabs for years and a doctor in her infiinite wisdom decided I should just have half a dose 'cos of having a ver sore arm as a result of the jab. When I mentioned this to Dr Ken a few years back he said he preferred me to have the whole dose to be on the safe side which probably makes more sense. Now I have a raised tender lump for about 5 days which I can tolerate. The thing that does happen to me though is within a couple of hour I begin to have 'flu like symptoms (no aches though) and usually the next morning I am fine. Not being one that ever gets headaches (I've only ever had about 3 migraine type headaches in my life) that doesn't happen to me. I am glad your after effect (if that indeed is what it was) won't put you off having your 'flu jab next year.