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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Whimsical Wednesday # 178

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

something to try next time you get an obscene phone call?

Store clerk:  not again.

Lady customer:  what's wrong dear?

Store clerk:  some jerk keeps making obscene calls to this number.

Phone:  ring ring

Beefy Security guard:  I take this one

Store clerk:  oh! Make sure to play up your accent.

Security guard:  Hello? What? You do what to my body? Yes? You know what I do to your body when I find you?

Security Guard:  he hang up.

Store clerk:  good work.

Lady customer:  So- do you have a lady friend?

Security guard:  Boris have many women. All are love him.

Store clerk:  you're married..and your name isn't Boris

Security guard:  Boris name of accent. Has life of own.


  1. One cool dude, that Boris accent.

  2. An accent like that deserves a life of its own...
    Good luck at the dentist. I hope it goes well.

  3. I have to show this to the Great Scot; after 14 years here, he is still asked about his accent on an almost-daily basis... and women get all misty-eyed and pronounce "Oh, I just looooove your Scottish accent!"

  4. Joanne; I've noticed that accents sometimes have their own life, quite surprising how differently people behave when they speak with a different accent.

    fishducky; if I knew I would tell you and get one for myself too.

    Elephant's Child; all accents deserve their own life. dentist? I have issues in four areas and I'm desperately hoping I DON'T get "I don't see anything that could be causing your pain"

    Jac; does his accent take on its own life when they do that? Some people lose a lot of their accent when they live somewhere else for a long time, but I've noticed Scottish accents seem to hang around forever.

  5. I've told a couple when they've asked for me by name that "she" died a few days ago and that shuts them up.

    Other ways I handle are - if I don't tell them to you-know-what-off and slam the phone down, I ask for their phone number - "so my husband (or son) who's phone it is can phone them. He is due home from work shortly...he's a cop, you know..." Oddly, the caller hangs up very quickly he hears that. I wonder why! :)

    I'm on the "no-calls" list but still some sneak through.

    I agree...the Scots rarely lose their strong accent.

  6. Lee; I usually just hang up without saying anything. A friend used to say, "that sounds fabulous. What time shall we meet? Can I bring my brothers along?" Then she'd hang up. Now we just have mobiles, no land lines so we don't get calls like that anymore. I found that 'no-calls' list didn't work so well.

  7. My home phone is plugged in but permanently silenced. It never rings because the only people who ring on that phone are telemarketers and they used to ring at crazy hours of the day. I look forward to the day when we can disconnect it, but right now we need it for the internet.

    Speaking of crazy hours, some idiot rang my doorbell at 9:30am on Sunday Morning. By the time I made it there, ready to rip off their head with my fingernails for the early hour wakeup, they'd read my door sign and vanished. :) Lucky them!

  8. Snoskred; 9.30 is early?? (*~*)
    i have one of those prepaid broadband dongle thingys for my internet. I used to have dial-up through the phone line, but it was so very very slow and kept dropping out. My daughter talked me into the dongle idea and it has worked out really well.

  9. That is very good and perhaps we should all have a secret accent with a life of its own.
    We used to get stupid calls at all hours because of our surname so we went ex-directory for a number of years. We are back in the phone book again now and most unwanted calls are those people from foreign parts trying to convince us there is something wrong with our computers although, of late, they too have stopped.

  10. .. I like your 'giggle' this week River.... and I'm glad I don't have a Boris... xxxxx
    Hugs... Barb xxxx

  11. Mimsie; I can well imagine the calls your surname would have brought you. I went unlisted too, when I had a landline, but that didn't stop those annoying telemarketers. It got to the point where I unplugged the phone each day from 6pm to 8pm.

    Barbara; it was a good laugh wasn't it? I like the idea of a Boris. It's the sort of thing my first husband's family would get a lot of mileage from. They're a bunch of comedians they are.