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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday Selections # 271

Welcome back to Sunday Selections!

This once-a- week-meme was originally begun by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock, as a way to showcase some of the many photos we all take, but don't get around to showing on our blogs.

The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to me, River, somewhere in your post
3. leave me a comment so that I know you've joined in and can come over and see what you've posted.
4. hop on over to Elephant’s Child to see more of her wonderful photos.
  Andrew often joins in too.

I usually go with a theme for my Sunday Selections but this week is varied.
Two subjects. One garden. One cat. Enjoy.

starting with a long shot of the garden
and zooming in on a few bits and pieces

bird's eye view of the previous plant

I've got two of these, I don't remember what they're called, but if you look closely at the enlarged version, you'll see tiny babies forming along the stalk. It began as just one circlet of leaves.

someone's things left on the garbage bin lid.

my poor broken aeonium, see where someone rudely snapped off two branches? thieving ratbags!

this pot is getting a bit overgrown

this one is quite pleasing

another long shot, slightly different angle.

you all remember Angel?

of course you do :)

look at how much of my table he takes up, no wonder I can't get stuff done (*~*)

here he is watching that new cat across the driveway

glaring at me and the camera?

following me around the garden.

curled up on the couch

this one was taken by my K with her phone. Angel ignored her the whole time she was here, then tried to follow her to the bus.




  1. My goodness, what a handsome cat...

  2. Thieving ratbags is politer than what I would call them. My mother (sadly) was a garden thief, but she was much more careful than that and only took snippets from already generous plants. She was such a serious thief that she had secateurs in her handbag, just in case.
    Angel is truly beautiful, but you and he know that.

  3. He is such a hairy beast. He seems to do well what cats do best, sleep and laze. You wouldn't mind so much about someone taking a cutting from a plant, such as EC's mother used to, but it is horrible to just rip away.

  4. People!!! That about covers it for me, other than some could do with a huge dose of respect for others and their property!!!!

    Beautiful Angel...he is such a handsome fellow. Give him a cuddle for me.

    I hope you have a wonderful week, River. :)

  5. How horrible that happening to your plant! You took such care with your garden also. It is lovely.

  6. Grace; Angel is beautiful. He's like a big fluffy floor rug.

    Elephant's Child; I did have stronger words there, but changed them. My mum was exactly the same, but if someone was in the yard she was looking at, she'd ask permission first. I do the same and would NEVER rip off half a plant.

    Andrew; yes, taking a small piece is fine, there are quite a few of my plants that have little bits taken and I don't mind, because I do the same, although I usually ask first. But half a plant is going too far. It was only just beginning to recover after almost dying on P's front porch.
    Angel loves to sleep the day away, then keeps me hopping at night when he wants to go out, come in, go out, come in:(

    Lee; People! Exactly! Although I'm guilty myself, but usually ask permission and only take very small cuttings.
    Angel is very cuddly now the weather is cooling.

    Happy Elf Christine; I could take better care of the garden, but I'm lazy (*~*) It is looking better now that things have grown a bit more.

  7. My mother and mother-in-law would take the baby for a walk in the pram and come back loaded with cuttings, all hidden under a blanket. I don't know which was worse the cuttings or the fact that they stopped to talk to everyone they took cuttings from.

  8. JahTeh; sounds just like my mum, she loved to talk to people, collected cuttings, gossip, recipes. Funny I've turned out to be a quiet shy one; must be dad's influence.

  9. You & EC must have the greenest thumbs in OZ!!

  10. He is growing up, I haven't seen him for a while.
    I don't put pot plants out the front because people steal them. I do sometimes pinch cuttings if they grow through the front fence but only take a little bit.

  11. Your Angel is beautiful. Always good to have a pet if you can..well that is what I think.
    Fancy some one coming and breaking that branch off - the cheek of them.
    What is that handing in the tree? Looks like a white bottle.

  12. fishducky; maybe. or maybe we're just persistent, and replace what fails to thrive.

    Merle; I haven't had potplants disappear, everyone here has them. Cuttings get taken, sometimes asked for, sometimes not. Angel is full grown now at two and a half.

    Margaret-whiteangel; angel is a welcome companion now that he's past the kitten stage.
    The bottle is a pale green, a solar light which glows in the dark. There are two of them, one in a tree further back.

  13. enjoyed the photos, and got a new word. What a great one. Ratbags.

  14. I really need to get out into my garden, or my potplants as we still have lots of landscaping to do and really don't have an established garden here. Thanks for reminding me and giving me some inspiration xo

  15. Author R. Mac Wheeler; ratbags is an old Australian words, usually applied to mischievous kids.

    Farmers Wifey; just do a bit at a time, a half hour here and there. The trick is to get one section complete before moving on.

  16. Your garden is charming as is Angel as well. Horrible that someone would break branches off a plant like that.
    Currently there is a huge amount of thefts from gardens in and around Perth. Frangipanis are particularly being taken or pieces broken off but others have had fruit trees in tubs taken and from their backyards, not the front garden.
    This world is not the one I grew up in and has gone from bad to worse over the years.

  17. Mimsie; fruit trees in tubs?? That's really awful. They take so long to grow and set fruit, it's like having a child kidnapped! How dare they? I just wish thieves would stop to think how THEY would feel if someone else did the same to them.