Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

well that didn't last long

We've just had a mini deluge here. I woke up late, 9.27am according to the bedside clock, and there was sunshine and blue skies.
A few clouds here and there.

I turned on the computer, made hot coffee and a hot water bottle to rest against my aching back and sat in my chair to read blogs.
Angel curled up close to the keyboard so I moved it over close to the wall, so of course he spread out so he could still touch the edge of it, then he suddenly got up and sat at the other end of the table, staring out the door.

A couple of seconds later I heard rain so heavy I thought it was hail; I walked over and looked out the door. 
Nope, just rain. Bucketing down, but just water. Fine with me, I like rain.

I came back and finished my final reply to the previous post and just before I started this one, the rain stopped. 
I'm disappointed. I want more rain. 

Rain means not going out anywhere unless you absolutely have to.

Rain means forget about doing the washing, it won't dry anyway. 
(yes, I have a dryer, but it's a noisy thing and my flat is small, I don't want to listen to it if I don't have to. I have more undies and t-shirts in the drawer, I don't need to wash.)

Rain means the garden will get a drink without me standing out there with the hose. 

Rain means curling up with a good book, or a good TV show.

Rain means time in the kitchen, cooking up yummy cold weather foods.

Rain means no more sweltering heat, at least for a while.

The sky outside is still grey, but the wind has dropped to barely perceptible :(
I prefer the blustery gusts we were getting just before the rain.

I'm having a pyjama day :)


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  2. I love rain. I love rainy days and rainy nights. It rained here throughout the I loved last night! :)

    Remy is sleeping, on my desk, beside my keyboard as I type...he's waiting for me to get off my/his chair so he can take it over. We've been playing this game all morning.

    It was foggy here this morning until after 9, but the fog has since cleared away. But, even so, I'm about to go and watch a couple of TV shows I've recorded. I'll pretend it's still raining and/or foggy outside! And Remy can finally have my chair! :)

    (I should proof-read before hitting "Publish")!! :)

  3. It's still Monday as I type this - we've had rain for 5 days, then this morning we had blue skies and warm weather and then at 6:30pm we had crazy mad thunderstorms - wind and rain and hail! Whee -oo! I love that stuff. Rain for the rest of the week - everything is so lush and plush and green...but a bit more sun would be nice.

  4. Now don't tell me Angel let you sleep in!! That's great for a change.
    I love those sudden downpours. You sort of wonder where they come from and why they go so quickly. Rain can certainly change the daily routine which in itself is good.
    I hope you are enjoying your pyjama day.

  5. When I walked through the carport yesterday I noticed my wheelbarrow was full to the brim with water from Sunday's storm. So full I couldn't lift it to empty it.

  6. I look forward to the rain arriving here.

  7. Lee; we've been having overnight rains for a while, not every night and not much rain, just enough so Angel comes in a bit damp. It's nice to see it in the daytime for a change. I've just shooed Angel away from the keyboard again, I find it hard to type when I'm crammed up against the wall. I may have to turn the table sideways again, so we both have enough room.

    Grace; you get a lot more rain than we do and I get jealous, but we're closer to winter now, so we'll see more of the wet stuff. Still not enough, but it's better than summer heat. I love thunderstorms too.

    Mimsie; daytime is Angel's main sleep time and we were up too many times during the night with him wanting to go out, come back in etc, so on his last trip I left him out longer, ignored him at the door. When I finally let him in at 5.30 he was happy to curl up and sleep, so I went back to sleep too. We've had a couple more rains since that first downpour, the air feels beautiful and fresh on my bare feet.

    JahTeh; I'll alert the gubmint, JT needs a bail out. Think they'll listen? Ha Ha. Put a bucket of soil in it along with the water and plant some rice. Instant rice paddy.

    Andrew; you and many others I'm sure and I hope you all get it.

  8. We got next to no rain over the weekend, but more is promised for this coming one. Fingers crossed.
    Sometimes a pyjama day is bliss. Essential bliss.

  9. Elephant's Child; I seem to be having a lot of pyjama days lately. If I didn't have to go out and get milk, I'd probably have a lot more. So much easier than getting dressed.

  10. Yes, I like rain too, fr many of the reasons you stated, and we get plenty of it. Actually, I still have to go out in it to walk the dogs but that's okay. Wearing the right clothes makes everything bearable . . .

  11. We get very little moisture and really welcome it when we do.
    The negative ions always make rain a plus, too.

    You nicely listed all the benefits of rain.

  12. I'm old, lazy & retired--EVERY day is pajama day!!

  13. Margaret-whiteangel; I'm pleased to hear it. Tassie has been very dry lately, just like SA.

    jabblog; we don't get anywhere near enough rain. South Australia is the driest state in a dry continent. Yet many people I know (they're all fools I think) hate the cool and wet and welcome our blistering summers with joy and partying.

    Belva; remember that smell when the first fat raindrops hit dusty dry ground? Then the ozone of a thunder and lightning storm! Followed by so much rain the gutters overflow.
    If only we could have that more often.

    fishducky; I'm old, lazy and retired too, but I still have to get dressed most days. Today, for instance, I'll have to go out and buy milk and my pyjamas really aren't suitable for that. They're a bit worn, tatty almost, and need washing.