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Whimsical Wednesday #29

Here we are, back at Whimsical Wednesday. Your googled giggle day, to help you over the hump and sliding down into the weekend. Berrysaurus. The  sweetest  of the dinosaurs.

Sunday Selections #75

It's Sunday Selections time again! Time to post photos that have been languishing in your files, just waiting for their chance to shine. Brought to us by Kim, of Frog Ponds Rock , this is a weekly meme that anyone at all can join in with. 1. post your photos under the Sunday Selections title. 2. link back to Kim in your post. 3. go to Frog Ponds Rock site and add your name to the linky list. 4. leave Kim a comment. I often do a theme with my photos, but it isn't necessary. This week I bring you flowers that used to be in my old garden. FLOWERS Orange and yellow. Labelled "French Marigolds", these tiny flowers came in a punnet of six in mixed colours. I liked this red and yellow one the best. The plain bright yellow ones were like  little balls of sunshine. And the bright orange blooms reminded me of fires and sunsets. My Frangipani cutting, which I'd had such high hopes for,  produced only one flower, which didn't fu

I found this shop....

Must be where all the best-dressed Hobos get their suits. Ha Ha, I'm soooo funny! (stoopid photo won't load....) oh look! There it is. And it only took six tries..... I looked in the window as I walked past this shop and it has some really excellent men's clothing.

another inspection

This afternoon I have my second probationary house inspection. Well, that's what the card says. I'd be calling it a flat inspection, since this abode of mine clearly isn't a house.... I'm completely confident that I'll pass the inspection with flying colours. I always do. But first I'd better vacuum up those dust bunnies.

Whimsical Wednesday #28

It's time again for Whimsical Wednesday, The weekly googled giggle that gets you over the mid-week hump  and sliding down toward the weekend. I usually use food-related images, but this week I've chosen something different. Two feet of snow. Are you feeling cold now? Ha Ha.

sweet, sweet caramel

This newly discovered flavour (new to me) is scrumptiously yummy. So much so, that after my first serving, I had to chain myself to the dining table so I couldn't walk the eight short steps back to the kitchen and eat the rest straight out of the baking dish. Didn't work though. I had to get back into the kitchen to wash up the dishes, so I scooped up another mouthful or three before putting the dish in the fridge. Have you tried this yet?

Sunday Selections #74

It's Sunday Selections time again! Time to post photos that have been lying around in your computer files, just waiting for their chance to shine. This brilliant concept was brought to us almost two years ago by Kim , of Frog Ponds Rock fame. Kim takes many, many, photos that don't all get used so she wanted to share those that others had never seen. A weekly meme seemed like a great showcase for them, so Sunday Selections was born and absolutely anyone can join in. The rules are very simple. Post your photos under the Sunday Selections title, link back to Kim somewhere in your post, then go to Frog Ponds Rock and add your name to the linky list and leave Kim a comment. See how easy that is? I often do a theme for my Sunday Selections, but you don't have to. This week, my theme is "view". We've all heard of Bird's Eye View, where photos are shown from a high-in-the-sky viewpoint? Today I bring you: BABY'S EYE VIEW. What your

David Tennant - I just don't get it....

I've been watching a few episodes of Dr Who lately, some with Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor, some with David Tennant as The Doctor. A while ago, a long while ago, there was a bit of fuss on the internet about what a hottie David Tennant was. A fair bit of virtual swooning was happening. Well, sorry ladies, I don't agree. I just don't see it. Hollow eyes, scrawny neck, and the way his mouth hangs open so much, a little reminiscent of a "drooling village idiot" in old time comedy movies. I like the show quite a lot, I remember first seeing it way back in the 60s and it's certainly come a long way since then. But David Tennant as The Doctor does nothing at all for me. Perhaps he's better in other shows/movies he's done. I don't recall seeing him in anything else, I'll have to check the IMDb and find a few titles, maybe there is something out there that I can watch and maybe revise my opinion.

Whimsical Wednesday #27

Welcome once again to Whimsical Wednesday! The day for your weekly giggle via googled images, to help you over that middle of the week hump and sliding down into the weekend. Not such a big hump this week for us Aussies, as we had a holiday on Monday, but the slide into the weekend is just as welcome as always. Neighbours....everybody needs good neighnours.... You're going to have that song in your head all day. I've always had good neighbours, in every home, in every city, I've never had a problem with my neighbours. Of course that could be because I keep to myelf a lot.

it's been a rough day

Not only do I have all the usual aches, but I forgot to take the stronger pain tablet this morning, so I'm feeling the aches more than I would. Add a million * customers, shopping as if we'd been closed for a month instead of a day . Add my annoyance at finding a bill in the mail. Not just any old! This is one from last year at my old home. LAST YEAR!  When I moved, the company forgot to send me the final electricity account. And after a while I forgot about it too. I should have made a note in my diary to check up on it, I really should have, and I'm p****d off that I didn't. Because now, here it is, and I have to pay it. (Fair enough too, I used the power...) Just in case it was a mistake, I got out all the old accounts and checked them against my online receipts. No account for that period and no receipt either. With tax time looming, the company must have gone through its records and discovered this unpaid heating bill from last

Sunday Selections #73

It's Sunday Selections time again! Time to post photos that have been languishing in your files, photos that you may even have forgotten that you ever took. Have yourself a little search and rescue mission to find them. Brought to us by Kim of Frog ponds Rock , this weekly meme is a great way to show off your photographic skills, or just your most favoured photos and memories. This week I'm continuing our walk through the Olive Grove to show you the birds I saw there. See those two green parrots busily pecking for bugs or seeds at a knot hole in the tree? I watched them for quite a while, inching ever closer, hoping for more photos. One of them heard me sneaking up and from then on they took turns with one feeding and the other watching me. After this third photo they both took off flying to other trees, disappearing in the leafy canopy. So I turned my attention to the flock of Galahs feeding on the ground. Look at that one in front watching me! T

the eleven challenge

A few days ago, (possibly longer), I was tagged by Delores , who writes over at The Feathered Nest, to follow this meme and pass it on. The idea is for me to answer the eleven questions set by Delores, then make up eleven new questions and tag eleven new people to answer them. They in turn would do the same and so it would go on. Now I'm completely hopeless at making up questions to ask people, (I'm uncomfortable with asking personal questions), so I made up a few and asked my daughter K for help with the others. Here are the questions Delores asked, with my answers in italics. You are going on a picnic: 1. Will you make the food yourself or get takeout? I would make my own salads and/or cake, but get takeout for the hot food/meat portion, such as a barbecued chicken. 2. Will you use paper plates or pack real plates? Paper plates, but the strong ones that can withstand having chicken or steak cut on them. 3. Country or city park? My favourite inner suburb

do you like your name?

My name, E**** is a shortened version of a longer name, but it's what I've been known by since high school. When I was younger, I didn't like it much. I didn't like the longer version either, with people, especially teachers, constantly mis-spelling it or mis-pronouncing it. To me, my name was an old person's name, a grannies name. I felt it belonged to one of those white-haired, soft-skinned grannies who sat in porch rockers all day and knitted lap rugs. That wasn't me at all! As time went on I got more comfortable with my name and now that I am almost 60, I feel as if I've finally grown into it. I don't mind at all hearing from a customer that their grandma or their great aunt, maybe their grandpa's sister, is named E****. But now, in this new century, a lot of the old-fashioned names are being used again. Including mine. The shortened version, which is a name in its own right. I've heard several tales of grand daughters, nieces, co

Whimsical Wednesday # 26

Welcome to Whimsical Wednesday! The day for your googled giggle to help you over the hump and sliding into the weekend. Oooh! Ouch!

Sunday Selections #72

It's Sunday Selections time again! Time to post photos that have been languishing in your computer files, waiting for their chance to shine. This idea comes to us from Kim at Frog Ponds Rock , who realised one day that she takes many more photos than she uses, and wanted to show them off on her blog. A once a week meme seemed like a good idea, so Sunday Selections was born and anyone at all can join in. I often choose a theme for my Sunday Selections and this week my theme is: THE OLIVE GROVE Surrounding our lovely city is a ring of parklands dividing the city centre from the suburbs. Along the Eastern edge of the city centre the parks begin with the Botanic Gardens at the north-east corner and continue south all the way to Greenhill Road. (and then continue along in a westerly direction along Greenhill Road towards West Terrace where the parklands turn North...) The parks are interspersed with roads leading to the suburbs; there is Rundle Park just across the r

it isn't work if you enjoy what you're doing

Or, as others have said,  "if you love your job, you'll never work a day in your life". And I had that, for over nine years. I slept like a log, bounced out of bed, had no trouble at all getting my arse out of the house and on its way to work. I'd learned the job pretty quickly, (I had previous experience from another factory),  and because I enjoyed it, I'd become extremely good at it. I had my work table, my routine, (no customers that had to be chatted to), and I knew several other aspects of the job, so when I caught up, I could go and help others for a while. The atmosphere was happy, the people I worked with were great. Cameraderie? We had it! I'd clock on at 7am, get busy with the day's quota (which we often surpassed) and before I knew it, the hands of the clock had rolled around to 4pm and it was time to go home. Even overtime didn't faze me. I was happy to do it. The extra pay was just a bonus. I loved my work. Then we heard t