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I'm putting away the laptop before I do some serious damage

it won't be permanent, I'll miss you all too much.

but I've just had an hour and a half of "server can't find" and "connection timed out"

I haven't managed to read a single post from anybody, not even my own. 

I got so p****ed off, I took my little usb connection and threw it across the room.

You'll notice that it is still working after such shocking treatment, but I'm still unable to read anybody's posts.

"server can't find" etc etc

well, I've had enough.
I'm disconnecting and locking the computer in the safe until I feel calm enough to try again.

Sunday Selections # 114

Image for

Following along again with Toni's A-Z, " for" meme, today's letter is N. for>>>>


Sadly this gold nugget isn't mine, I went googling for these images.

Gold is one of my favourite metals, (the other is Silver), I especially like it in nugget form, the different shapes are so interesting.

like this one, it's just so ducky!
Years ago, when the baby was about a year and a half old, we all took a trip to Sovereign Hill for the day and let the older kids do a little gold panning in the creek.
They didn't find any gold nuggets, not so much as a single speck, but we did have a great day out.

I even like tiny little nuggets like these here in the watch case.

Also golden, but nuggets of a different kind, much loved by kids...

chicken nuggets. Great now and again with sweet and sour sauce dipping  or sweet chilli sauce,

often served with fries at a well known fast-food chain.

I don't think they are as nice now as when they were firs…

decision time at chez River

I have two options.

1. give up eating spaghetti in all its forms.

2. buy an adult sized bib.

Because this is what happens every time >>

Every. Single. Time.

See those spots?
Spaghetti sauce.
Oddly enough, when I wear the yellow t-shirt, the spots are bigger and more numerous.

I do like spaghetti, and ravioli, and lasagna.............

there I was, happily peppering a steak

when all of a sudden, whole and half peppercorns showered down onto the meat, the bench, even rolling onto the floor.

the little grinder mechanism had broken!

I unscrewed the top, set it aside and looked into the bottle. (jar?)

there's that little doo-dad, right down in amongst the peppercorns.

I got my little pickle grabber...

and fished it out. It can't be fixed of course, so I tossed it away.

Then I brushed the excess pepper off my steak, put the steak into the now hot pan, where it sizzled deliciously, and swept up the peppercorns from the bench and floor.

By now the steak was ready to turn, so I did that, mashed the carrot, potato, garlic mixture, (which I had started cooking before the steak), and served both steak and mash.

Mmm, perfect.
Except I now have to buy another pepper grinder. 

Whimsical Wednesday # 67

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

I don't like this new bra mum, it pinches

I hate this...kill me now

Not literally of course, I'm not ready to die just yet.

But.......I rolled out of bed on Sunday morning and found I couldn't straighten up.

Spent the whole day hunched over and hobbling around like I was 90 with a hump worthy of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

From ribs to tailbone, I was stiff and in a little (a lot, but I've had worse) pain.

Monday, I rolled out of bed and stood up without even thinking about it.
Then as I walked into the kitchen, I realised I was fully upright.


Sadly, that didn't last past breakfast.

I lifted my left foot onto the toilet lid and tied my shoelace, then lifted my right foot, bent forward to tie my shoelace and my entire lower back screamed at me.

Not literally of course, backs don't have voices, but the sudden wrenching pain had me voicing a few words I don't normally use.

You get the idea.

All plans of swimming were immediately put on hold as I swallowed anti-inflammatories and pain killers.
Doctors will tell you not to …

what irritates you Monday

What irritates you Monday is a meme brought to us by Delores from Our Feathered Nest.
On this day you get a chance to vent about anything or everything that irritates you.

Today, I have something that's a little more than an irritation.
More like hair-tearing frustration.
It happens so often, I'm surprised I have any hair left....

problem loading page

server not found
firefox can't find server at...

try again

There's a couple of others; connection timed out
and disconnected by remote computer before connection could be established
(I don't remember the exact wording but you get the idea)

I'm almost used to it, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating.

Sunday Selections #113

Image for; for

Following along again with Toni's A-Z, " for" meme, today's letter is L
But I'm cheating and doing M as well.

You'll see why in a minute. for Labyrinth.

I love these.

The twists and turns, the dead ends, finally finding your way. (or not)

The size, the complexity.....

...and who didn't love David Bowie as The Goblin King in the movie, Labyrinth? for Maze

A Labyrinth really, but formed by hedges grown into shape and position over time and more commonly called a Maze.

some of them have cleverly clipped corner pieces to add interest.

This one has a pool at its centre.
I think a maze such as this with a goldfish pond at the centre would make a fabulous front garden.
You could see door-to-door salesmen threading their way through and lock the doors in plenty of time.

this little gnome is telling us the Ashcombe Rose Maze is planted with more than 1200 fragrant and colourful roses.
It would be heavenly in full bloom.
Now I wish I'd google…

swimming laps

Not me!
I don't swim laps.

I watch others at the pool swimming up and down, up and down, 6-10-20 times.
Do I get a bit jealous?
Yes I do.  A bit.

But now let me demonstrate my ignorance.
What is a lap exactly?

Is it from one end to the other?
Or is it from one end to the other and then back again?

I'm still swimming in between watching the better swimmers, struggling my way up and down the lane.  I've found I don't get out of breath as much, so that's an improvement. I get halfway up the lane before needing a rest, where before I'd make it only a few metres.

A big problem is the bursitis in my shoulders. It's difficult to get going properly when the shoulder says stop! I've had enough!.

Anyway.....I'm sure I'll eventually get to swimming laps, or even one lap would be good.
Too cold today though, raining too.
Hooray! Signs of winter!

Whimsical Wednesday #66

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

Copy Cats!

This is actually a cake, and it's a very clever one.

what irritates you Monday

"What irritates you Monday" is a meme brought to us by Delores from The Feathered Nest. 

This week's irritation is something I see in newspapers, magazines and all over the internet.

Could of.

Would of.

Should of.

This is WRONG!!

The original is Could have, Would have, Should have , 

abbreviated to Could've, Would've, Should've,

all of which sound like Could of etc, so this is where the confusion has come about and now people are writing it this way.

But it's WRONG!!
wrong, wrong, wrong

And it irritates me. A lot.
Could HAVE
Would HAVE 
Should HAVE

(coulda, woulda, shoulda)

I know people won't pay attention to this and will continue to write the wrong word.

But at least I've voiced my irritation, and if just one or two people start correcting themselves, maybe it will catch on. 

Sunday Selections # 112