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Musical Monday # 89


Sunday Selections # 265


waiting, waiting, waiting

I'm sitting here at home, waiting for a plumber.
I sat here at home all day yesterday, waiting for a plumber.

Last Wednesday, while I was out, the water supply must have been shut off for a while, because when I got home and tried to fill the kettle, (yes, Andrew, the new kettle),the pipes banged with air bubbles and the water was all spurty for a few seconds. And it was dirty. 

So I left the tap running, went into the bathroom and turned on the shower, the basin taps and flushed the toilet, to clear the air from the pipes. All of them made that awful banging thump as spurty water rushed through, but there was an added sound from the cistern as I flushed the toilet. 
Then the toilet wouldn't stop running. The tank filled up and when it was full, the overflow kept running into the toilet and I tried to turn off the water at the little tap on the pipe, but that didn't work.

I  went to the housing office first thing yesterday, was there before they opened, and went straight to the…

Wednesday's Words on a Friday


Thursday Thoughts # 85

from I shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett:

"Every family, even up in the mountains, kept at least one pig to act as garbage can in the summer and as pork, bacon, ham and sausages during the rest of the year. The pig was important."

from The Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett:

"Nanny stood up and tried to look haughty, which is hard to do when you have a face like a happy apple."

Today's Thoughts:

Australia Post, our national mail service, has been in the news here lately. 
They're losing money.
Due to a lot of internet shopping and emailing etc, they've declared a failing of the business. 
People aren't sending as many letters and cards to each other via 'snail mail' as they used to.

They're losing money! Australia Postthat is, not the general population. 

So they've come up with a plan. 
Increase the cost of a stamp to $1 and reduce services. 
I can see how increasing the cost of a stamp might bring in more cash for the company, but reducing se…