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Thursday Thoughts #5

All you parents out there, remember when your kids were little and you thwarted them somehow for something?
They would be red faced, angry, crying, yelling "I hate you!"
Did you ever yell back "I hate you too!"?
I did.
I prefaced it with "right now", which softened the blow a bit I suppose, but I don't think it did the kids any harm to know that Mum could be angry enough sometimes to "hate" them.
On the plus side, even when angry, I loved them and they knew it. They loved me too, but probably didn't realise it when yelling "I hate you."

I remember being about six years old and "hating" my mum for some childish reason and saying I wanted to leave home. And I meant it. I was going. I dragged out my school case to put things in and was stopped in my tracks by mum offering to pack it for me.
She wanted me to go??
Well, too bad! I wasn't going anywhere! Why should I make her happy by leaving?
I'd hang around…

Whimsical Wedneday # 134

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

Well, sorry folks. Today's funny isn't googled, it's another cartoon strip that I had on my wall.

it will have to be this one, since I can't find the one I wanted to put here.

Musical Monday # 18


tagged by Mimsie for a Blog Tour

I was honored recently by Mimsie who tagged me to take part in this Blog Tour. 

We introduce ourselves, answer some questions and tag three other bloggers to also take part.
I generally don't like talking too much about myself, so don't take part in these things as a rule, but here I am.

1. Introduce yourself 
We can include photos if we wish, but I can't find the ones I am looking for. 

I am a German born Australian, born in Hamburg in 1952, which makes me a Hamburger, although at very nearly 62, probably a stale Hamburger.
I know nothing of Germany, having arrived in Australia in 1953 and in all that time, I have never left.

I have been married and divorced twice with the first marriage gifting me with four wonderful children, two of whom have further gifted me with grandchildren.  

My first husband was in the Army and we spent several years moving up and down the east coast of Australia, living in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Sydney again, then Melbourne again, before coming …

Sunday Selections # 182


Angel's Antics

*title suggested by Vicki* Thanks Vicki.

A few weeks ago, while Angel was still kitten sized, I was searching for a toy to keep him occupied, something he could play with on his own, so I could get more computer work done.

Someone suggested a "cat dancer",  I think it may have been Susan Kane. So I searched online, watched a you tube video of a kitten having a wonderful time with one of these "cat dancer" toys and ordered one.
(Actually I ordered three. One is stashed away in case the cardboard strips get chewed beyond saving).
I put one in the kitchen, down fairly low as Angel was small still and watched him play. He loved it.

this is a cat dancer toy. Small strips of tightly twisted cardboard, about one inch long,  threaded onto sprung steel wire. The other end has one strip of the cardboard and you can hold it in your hand to swing for your cat to jump and catch, or you can feed the single strip through the edge of a door by a hinge and then close the door to ho…

Wednesday's Words on a Friday