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the babies went into the oven first, while the mama patiently waited for her turn

Now that I have your attention, I'll confess that I'm baking baby cakes, not baby humans.

want to see how it went?

okay then...I visited my daughter K and noticed a few bananas getting a bit over ripe on her table. I suggested she make banana cake. She said she was planning a different sort of cake (triple berry upside down cake), and suggested I take the bananas home.
Good idea.
No, great idea!

So here's how the day went:

First, prepare your pans.

see those three smaller pans? They're mini loaf pans, 10cm long by 5cm wide.

Then assemble your ingredients...

 on the left, half a cup of self-raising flour mixed with one cup of plain flour.

 in the middle, three quarters of a cup of raw sugar creamed with 4 ounces of butter.

 on the right, one quarter cup of plain yoghurt mixed with two mashed bananas.

 in front, one egg.

Set your oven at 190*C. Mine is fan forced, so I set it at 180*C

Add the egg to the creamed butter/sugar, and mix well.
alternately mix in the flours and…

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