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a handy hint that will save you money

Don't throw out that "empty" tube or plastic bottle of hand lotion.

You might think there isn't anything left in it because you squeeze and all you get is a "fart" of air and maybe a small blob of lotion.
 They're made that way on purpose.......
Set it aside and get yourself a screw top jar, cheap plastic ones are available from Reject shops ans Cheap as Chips places.

Then do this>>>

cut open a tube with strong scissors or a bottle with a serrated knife. 

scrape out what is left inside

some bottles have grooved necks which hold quite a bit of lotion.

just look at how much lotion or cream you might be throwing away each time!

this jar is about 6cm by 7cm, a decent size and not too big that you can't keep it handy near your sink or in your bathroom.

here it is beside my coffee cup for a size comparison, but it isn't a true comparison, the cup is too far behind and looks too small.
But you get the idea.

Don't restrict yourself to hand…

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