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Musical Monday # 64


Sunday Selections # 230


Wednesday's Words on a Friday

Thursday Thoughts # 52

from Finger-Lickin' Fifteen, a Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich

" All over the field, teams were working at marinating meat and chopping vegetables. The air smelled smoky from applewood and hickory fires, and the barbecue kitchens were colorful with striped awnings and checkered tablecloths. Except for our kitchen. Our kitchen looked like the Beverly Hillbillies were getting ready to barbecue possum."

Lula: "all I gotta do is enter the contest as one of them chefs. I bet I could even win."
Stephanie: " you can't cook."
Lula: "that's true so far, but that could change. I'm real good at eatin' "

Today's Thoughts:

from our local free weekly newspaper: 
" Due in part to the proliferation of shops and staff who need parking for the popular Stuart Road, Dulwich corner, traffic grinds to a halt up much of Grandview as each side is choked with unrestricted parkers, from as early as 7.30am most days."

This is a problem ab…

Whimsical Wednesday # 181

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

just where you'd want a carrot to be!

Monday Musings #2

Where does the time go? There are still 24 hours in each day, yes? why do I feel like there are only half that amount?
Seems like every time I turn around another day has slipped into history and it's time to go to bed. Mmmmm, sleeeep..........zzzzzzzz.

I'm desperately trying to catch up on reading, I have a stack of books that has a 1/4 inch of dust on top because I just don't get to them. Another stack is shorter by about ten books. My kindle lies idle while I'm reading and commenting on blogs, writing my own new post, reading a book while pages load. 
There's a crossword puzzle waiting to be done, and a whole book of code crackers to be worked out. Two books actually, I bought a new one, then found the old one.

There's cooking to be done, kitchen clean up, washing of clothes. I spend more time than I'd like staring at my pots of succulents, wondering where I'm going to plant each one. I don't have a plan for that, there are so many other things alrea…

ex-hubby #1

A funny man my K, one of those annoying people who would spring out of bed, instantly awake, cheery and whistling or singing. I'm the type who drags herself from under the covers, manages to get through the day and starts waking up properly sometime after lunch. 
But we muddled along. 
It helped that he was in the Army and away a lot. I could set my own routine. Get everything done early and mostly on auto-pilot, spend the afternoons reading until it was time to start dinner. 
Somewhere in those years I birthed and we raised four babies; when he got out of the Army he had difficulty settling into civilian life, but I thought he was managing, until I realised he wasn't. We divorced somewhere along the line and he had another daughter, which brings me to the point of this little tale. 
Said daughter is now 19 and was home last night when K suddenly experienced a heart attack. She drove him to hospital; two hours later he was in recovery with two brand new stents inserted.
I got the n…

Sunday Selections #229