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Whimsical Wednesday #156

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday! The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend. Of course, today being New Years Eve, many of you are probably already in sliding mode (*~*) this clock is so beautiful, I want one just like it. aren't we glad that didn't happen! similar clock, but the first one is better. nuff said party resolutions? Don't party too hard, you want to remember the good time you had!

Musical Monday #40

Musical Monday I was introduced to Musical Monday by Delores who copied the meme from another site. I think it’s a fun way to show off some of the music we like and brighten up our Mondays at the same time.  I’ll be finding my clips on you tube , so will simply credit that site since there are often so many versions of everything and I wouldn’t want to accidentally credit the wrong artist. Today’s clip is: surprise, surprise; Boney M!  Auld Lang Syne and the lyrics.

Sunday Selections # 204

Welcome back to Sunday Selections! This once-a- week-meme was originally begun by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock , as a way to showcase some of the many photos we all take, but don't get around to showing on our blogs. The rules are very simple:- 1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title 2. link back to me, River , somewhere in your post 3. leave me a comment so that I know you've joined in and can come over and see what you've posted. 4. hop on over to TheElephant’s Child to see more of her wonderful photos.   Andrew often joins in too. I usually go with a theme for my Sunday Selections and this week I have photos of my garden yet again, because there are a couple of new things. white agapanthus . I like how this glows in the moonlight.   these are the bluebell bulbs I dug out of the sodden pot, you can see there are many more than the original 10. I hope they grow again next season. I have them stored in

Thursday Thoughts #26 (yes, I know it's Saturday!)

"The occasional night when the loneliness ached so badly that it made you weep. The occasional gathering during which you wanted to escape to your empty apartment so badly you were willing to go out the bathroom window." The above quote is from one of the Harry Dresden stories, but I can't remember which one. Today's Thoughts: Today is boxing day; when I was little I learned this was the day when the boxes from Christmas gifts were flattened and stored for future use, or if they were the decorated type made from sturdy cardboard with a lid, they were stacked inside each other, lids on, to save space, and stored to be used again.   I have some of these decorated boxes, they hold many of my tree ornaments, plus ropes of gold and red bead chains.  I didn't receive them with a gift inside, as I've seen on old movies, but found them on sale for less than half price in a hardware/kitchenware/furniture store several years ago. Each box has Christmas sce

obsessive compulsive cleaners

I'm watching a TV show titled obsessive compulsive cleaners and have to tell you, I'm gobsmacked! i spen half the time staring at the screen with my mouth hanging open. This week the show opened with a scene of a woman vacuuming her dog, another scene of a man vacuuming the blankets on his made bed. Not so bad, I suppose. But it gets worse. Some of these people clean 7-8 hours a day, one man cleans 50 hours a week as well as running his body builder business. Last week one of the cleaners showed how she uses at least half a bottle of bleach plus other chemical cleaners in a bucket of hot water to scrub things because they absolutely must be germ free. To meet her standards. The fumes from this didn't affect her one bit. The purpose of the show is to show these obsessive cleaners another side of life. The obsessives go out to other people's homes to help them clean up. These "other" homes are hoarders, or simply people who don't clean for one reason o

TMI? it's entirely possible

that I may have eaten too much watermelon. But heck, what's an Aussie Christmas without watermel.......uh-oh..... (*~*)

Wednesday's Words on a Friday

On Wednesdays , Delores, from Under The Porch Light , has a word challenge meme which she calls “Words for Wednesday”. She puts up a selection of six words which we then use in a short story, or a poem. I’m hopeless at poetry so I always do a story. It’s a fun challenge…why not join in? Delores is taking a break from the challenge for a few weeks, so I’ll be putting up a piece (or six) of my own that I wrote without Delores’s words. I hope I haven’t already featured these. Here is my story:  ** Maria looked down and smiled. The love he had for her was sweet, and sweeter still was the love she felt for him. She knelt down to his level and hugged this tiny man of hers. His arms wrapped around her neck. "I wuv you Mummy" he said as he snuggled in. "I love you too Nicky," Maria replied as she stood and walked to his bedroom. They cuddled for a minute more, then Maria laid her son in his new little bed, a birthday gift, a real bed for thi