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Musical Monday # 27


Sunday Selections # 191


Angel's Antics

Not much in the way of antics, more lazy cat days, so this will be the final Angel's Antics post.
I'll still put up photos occasionally, but most Saturdays now will be rest days for me, just like my Time-Out Tuesdays.

Aaah! Relaxation time.

there she is with that camera again.

anything going on out there? Nope,

okay, might as well eat dinner.

if I pretend I can't see her, maybe she will go away?

still not looking...

alright,  you can pat me.

now I'd like to sleep if that's okay with you.

you still here? well then, I'll pose nicely one more time, but then you have to go away. Okay? 

And I did. Go away that is.

Wednesday's Words on a Friday