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Wednesday's Words on a Friday

one or two things....

That bright yellow/orange spice powder that is an ingredient in curry powder.
How is it pronounced?

Too-mer-ic as my mum used to say?

then there's this>>>

More of our good stuff going overseas.
Yet our governments continually exhort us to support our country and growers by buying local.

and how about this nifty little gadget?

I bought this from a K-Mart store about 35 years ago.

Here is the full image, a blue plastic frame with a handle,

designed to hold a one litre carton of pretty much anything.
Milk, as I have here, juice, custard,anything at all that comes in a one litre carton.

35+ years old and still going strong. This oh-so-handy item makes pouring from a carton so very easy, no worries at all that a carton might slip from arthritic fingers or small hands.

I used to have a two litre one, in red, for two litre cartons of juice. Then we started buying juice in plastic bottles with handles, so it got put away and …

Whimsical Wednesday #76

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

I wish I'd had a tiger to make math homework more interesting.

A message to architects

Attention all those who design family homes.

There is something lacking in most of the new, modern, resort style homes displayed in the real estate section of newspapers.  And in the new display homes in the "Homes" section of the weekend papers.

A coat closet.

Years ago, well, a couple of generations ago, when you walked into your home, there was a coat closet built in somewhere near the front door, or at least a shelf for hats and a row of hooks under it for coats.
So handy for coming and going to have your coat and hat always ready  by the door.

Now, when you walk into your home, you have to go all the way to your bedroom wardrobe to hang up your coat.

I've also noticed in a lot of new designs, there doesn't seem to be a linen press in there.
Not in the laundry, not in the hallway.
Where are people expected to store their sheets and towels? Their polishing cloths? And whatever else people shove in there.

There doesn't seem to be any provision for sports equi…

What Irritates You Monday

Sunday Selections # 122

Image for

Following on again with Toni's A-Z " for" meme, this week's letter is V.

I really had to search hard for something, V isn't an easy letter.
There's plenty of things out there starting with V, it was just a matter of narrowing it down to one.

So...V for


Ventriloquism is the art of "throwing one's voice", to make it appear that inanimate objects near to you, (or further away if you are really good at it), are speaking.
When throwing your voice you must do it without moving your lips at all, that makes it much easier for others to believe that yes, that broom is talking to me, and good heavens!, it's telling me to "clean up my act!"

Ha Ha.
Most ventriloquists use a dummy of some kind, usually a male or female doll, with the mouth operated by the ventriloquist via a hand through an opening in the back of the dummy.
When I was very young, maybe ten or thereabouts, I used to watch Shari Lewis on television who used…

Wednesday's Words on a Friday