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it's Jacaranda time again

eight photos, three trees, in Adelaide

you're welcome to visit and see for yourself anytime.
Adelaide loves visitors. We're nice people here.

Wednesday's Words on a Friday

can't stop....gotta run....

things to do, plans to sort, timetables to consult.....

I'm planning a little getaway. Going to visit my sister who I haven't seen in, gosh, how many years?

I'm not leaving tomorrow, nor even next week, but if I don't make bookings and buy tickets today, it will be too late, what with Christmas looming and all.

bye now...

Whimsical Wednesday # 101

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

even baubles need therapy it seems.

I love walking into supermarkets at this time of year

The glitter and shine of Christmas shelves, yes, of course, they're all so pretty.
Row upon row upon row of sparkling baubles in clear packaging, the cards with glittery, snowy scenes of villages with all the lights on, cards with images of Santa unloading a sack of gaily wrapped parcels beside a decorated tree, it's all wonderful.

But the best part?

The fresh produce area.

Seasonal summer fruits, golden apricots, rich red nectarines, purple plums.
Juicy pink-red watermelons, bright orange rockmelons, (cantaloupes), pale green honeydew melons, grapes.
All the regulars are there, lettuces, tomatoes, cucumbers, but they seem brighter and fresher somehow, now they are flanked by the summer fruits.

Mmmm, peaches..........

And then there's the hams.

Shelf after shelf of hams. Large hams for families, smaller hams for couples expecting friends for lunch, mini hams, the size I buy. These smaller ones aren't whole hams of course, they are pieces cut and wrapped, but we all kne…

creative writing class part 3

Class three has come and gone, only one week left...

Again the information came thick and fast, with the teacher constantly saying "does everyone understand this?" We're all nodding and yes-ing, well, I was, then again,  "does that make sense?", more nodding and yes-ing....a couple of questions from others as I tried to scribble down everything I'd just heard.

By the time I got home, my brain was pure mashed potato, not a single coherent thought.

So here's what I think I learned:

Many writers, especially new writers, use what is known as "life preservers."
Which means they write pieces that are too standard, too bland, mediocre; pieces that could double as school reports; pretty much the same stuff that every one else out there is writing. Tried and true concepts that are used again and again.
If you are entering a piece in a competition, these pieces will put the judges to sleep. 
You need something different, something creative, something that w…

Sunday Selections #147


6:18pm Friday 22/11/13

Just heard and seen on the news: 

a new island has risen from the sea off the coast of Japan. The new volcano, still spewing smoke and ashes didn't look very large on the TV screen, but who can tell the size when all around is ocean, no other land mass for comparison? I'd say it will be many years before it is habitable. I wonder what they will name it?

Next story:

remaining members of the Monty Python crew are planning a new stage show, with new jokes, to tour several countries. Australia will NOT be included in the tour.
The reason? One of them said, on camera, "the problem with Australia is there are planets closer..."
Well, I don't know about you, but I feel a little insulted. 

an earlier story:

workers at the new Royal Adelaide Hospital site have walked off en-masse over safety issues. Last week there was a problem with one of those giant cranes I've featured here on the blog at times, yesterday there was another issue when two of these cranes collided aft…