Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Musical Monday # 42

A couple of weeks ago, Murr Brewster of Murrmurrs did a post about singing The Messiah. I love her blog, she's a funny lady, so I read every word and was surprised to learn that she used to sing.

I knew nothing about Handel's Messiah though, so off I went to you tube and had a listen. 

I confess I didn't listen to the full version, I had other things to do, but I did listen to The Hallelujah Chorus and I enjoyed it so much, I thought you might too.

Here we go:

Andre Rieu.....

Handel's Messiah: The Hallelujah Chorus.

It isn't the sort of thing I usually listen to and it isn't on any of my ipods, but it is beautiful.


  1. You may like this:

  2. If I were to have a funeral (and I won't) this is what I would want played and those attending could take it any way they chose lol.

  3. One of my favorite religious pieces!!

  4. Murr is a very talented woman. And this is a beautiful piece.

  5. Hi River,

    I love that version. I know of several other versions that are more of a rock music type theme. Makes for an interesting fusion.


  6. Well, there you are. You might learn to enjoy other choral pieces.
    The Messiah has become rather hackneyed, it is performed at least once every Christmas and at other times of the year to. But is uplifting and rousing every time.

  7. That is one of my favorite choral pieces of all time to perform. The music is soooo uplifting, and it's absolutely thrilling to get caught up in harmonizing with all the glorious voices around you. Just beautiful!

  8. mm; I'll listen to that later, I'm having connection issues right now.

    Delores; are you planning on never dying? (*~*) I'm not having a funeral either, leaving my body to the medical hospital for teaching purposes.

    fishducky; I don't know any religious pieces except for Amazing Grace, which I have scheduled for next Monday. Same choir. This is beautiful isn't it.

    Elephant's Child, more talent in her little pinky than I have in my whole body! I love her posts.

    klahanie; I haven't listened to any other versions, I spent so much time at you tube recently I ran out of data allowance and had to pay up for extra :(

    Friko; I haven't heard it before, not the whole thing anyway, although I have heard snippets of the Hallelujah Chorus.

    Susan; it is very lovely, but not something I'd want to hear every day.

  9. For some reason I didn't get any sound this time but I've always rather enjoyed the Hallelujah Chorus although I am not keen on Handel's Messiah as it is too religious for my liking. I am not a fan of Andre Rieu as neither Phil nor I consider him to be a very good violinist even though he does play a Stradavarius violin. I have a friend who is potty about him but it takes all kinds in this world and if we all enjoyed the same thing it would be a boring old place wouldn't it. I'd still have liked to hear this choir but was not to be. Sorry about that.

  10. I can by because I saw your comment on Julie's site. Happiness...

    I've made some wonderful discoveries when lost. Like that famous spiritual, "I once was lost but now I'm found..."

  11. Mimsie; I'm not a fan of Andre Rieu either, nor classical music, but I do think the hallelujah chorus is lovely. Have you checked the volume button on your computer? somewhere on your screen there might be an icon that looks like a little speaker with sound waves in front of it, if you click on it you can adjust the volume. thing is, they are all different on every computer type.

    Dr J; welcome to drifting. That line is from Amazing Grace which I have scheduled for next Monday.

    Lee; it is, but not something I would listen to very often.