kitchen tip #?????

Not exactly environmentally friendly......

Line the base of your oven with a sheet of aluminium foil.
If you keep a tray there to catch spills and overflows, line the tray with aluminium foil instead.

It's much easier to throw away a sheet of foil (once it's been spilled on a few dozen times), than it is to scrub off baked on spillovers.


  1. Sounds a lot more environmentally friendly than some of the cleaning sprays for ovens! :)

  2. It recycles. Old aluminum makes new aluminum. Works for me.

  3. I wish I'd been told this trick a long time ago, none of my babes have been good housekeepers. Slackers, all of them.

  4. I found another way...I dont use my oven. It makes too much mess and is so hard to clean.

  5. Great tip. This would be quite handy. Thanks so much.

  6. Happy Elf Mom; those sprays do my head in, the ache in the sinuses just isn't worth it.

    Joanne; I forgot about the recycling.

    Sarah, it's quite effective, no more baked on spills on the oven floor.

    R.H. Now you know, better late than never.

    Tempo; but what about the delicious aroma of baking foods? Cakes, casseroles, pies?

    business cards online; you're welcome...

  7. I forgot to mention that in a fan-forced oven the foil will flutter a bit, prevent this by using a larger piece and wrapping it fully around an old baking sheet or pizza tray.

  8. You can recycle it in Minneapolis!


  9. Pearl; foil is recycled here too, but I'm not sure about foil that has had spills baked on to it.


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