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Monday, June 14, 2010


Back in the summer and well into autumn, I became quite famous at work for saying how much I hated the heat and wished to be cooler. "Bring on the winter!" I'd say.

Well, here it is. Winter. It's just barely begun and already I'm rugged up like an eskimo and wishing I didn't have to leave the house.


Or at least until October.

I suppose I'll become acclimatised soon enough, and go back to my daily afternoon walk.

At least the walk to work warms me up enough to function for the short time I am there each day.


  1. when I worked in William Street melbourne and walked from Flagstaff station every morning I passed the same guy who wore only a business shirt whatever the weather. After weeks of this I just had to ask him about it and he said he had his body thermostat under control by just never escalating the number of clothing layers as summer receded.
    my advice is wool. socks gloves etc. a hat retains 80% of otherwise-lost body-heat too.
    I wish there was a long-sleeve spencer which did not do that arm-creep thing though. I also wish I knew why they is called 'spencers'.

  2. Oooh, the spencers! And the long underpants that never stay where they should. They're worse than pantyhose for drifting. I've given up even trying to wear them. T-shirts and thicker socks under everything else, that's the way to go. Along with the gloves and beanies of course. Not to mention my god-awful 25 years old bargain basement (read cheap)ski jacket.

  3. I worn a spencer for many years! I do make my kids wear singlets and sometimes long sleeve tees under their shirts when it's really cold though.

  4. Hi River,

    Well its summer here and the temperature is a pleasant 18 degrees C; I expect it to get warmer in July and August but, knowing our weather, it will stay the same and we will get lots of rain.

    After the winter we had, when temperatures plummeted to -12 degrees C, we deserve a nice summer - for once.

    When I win the lotto I will spend my summers in Europe and venture down under for your summers.




  5. Hi Plasman, our summers are notoriously dry. Bring rain.

  6. Mistress B; I committed the awful sin of making my kids wear skivvies under their shirts. even on school photo days if it was cold. They still haven't forgiven me.....

  7. I'm the same. Sitting here in my tracky daks and a soccer hoodie with the heater on my tootsied. I'm a chronic complainer in February only to be wishing for 30 degrees in the shade by June. If I wasn't so vain, I'd be buying a Snuggie.

  8. Baino, I had a snuggie, well a cheap copy, and it was warm, but really only comfortable if you sat or reclined on the couch without moving at all. Totally useless if you wanted to get up for a book or a coffee.