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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Sapphire

My friend Kath who writes at Blurb From The Burbs, has been entrancing me with her stories of life and family for years now.

I discovered blogs when I read a link in a column called "Net Adventures", in my local newspaper, The Advertiser, one Saturday.
I'd just recenly got a new computer and was looking for websites that might interest me.

From the very first day, Kath had me hooked. I spent a few weeks scrolling through her archives (she probably thought she'd picked up a stalker), and finally worked out how to leave comments.
(Through the comment box, I learned how to link to other blogs, and we all know the rest of that story, I'm sure).

Anyway, through reading Kath's posts for so long, I feel I've come to know her, LC, her husband, and their wonderful daughter, Sapphire, quite well.

Today is Sapphire's birthday.

Sapphire, this is for you.

Happy Birthday!!

and here's one to share with all your friends......

to you, from Adelaide, Australia.


  1. Cool cakes.....we do have a feeling of community here don't we?

  2. We do; the blog community is sometimes closer than real life ones.

  3. How lovely of you River. I am sure that Sapphire will love those.

  4. River, that is so lovely of you!

    I made Sapphire's birthday cake last night so that we could have it for breakfast. She blew out the candles which were large tea-lights I'd put on a separate plate in front of her. LC took a photo of Sapphire and showed it to me later - I teared up at how beautiful she was/is/will continue to be.

    As she skipped off to school this morning she joked about having two tests today - maths and science and that today, of all days, is Turtle Day.

    I knew this already (after all, I have to sign her diary every week) and said that it was a good thing that it was something fairly cheerful and not 'International Day of Landmine Removal and child warfare' or some such and gave her a small plastic turtle to put in her pocket today.

    ....she got as big a kick out of that as she did her 'real' presents.

    Thanks again River!

  5. Can you remember the first blog you regularly read?

  6. Mmmm! Good news and CAKE!


  7. EC; virtual cake is the best kind-no calories! Of course there's no flavour too...

    Kath; I'd like to know more about turtle day, and I think that candles separate to the cake is a great idea, that way wax doesn't dribble onto the icing and germs don't get blown across the cake when the candles are blown out.

    Andrew; yes, it was Kath's. A few other early blogs I followed were yours, JahTeh's and Kim at Frog Ponds Rock.

    Pearl; birthdays are always good news, because there's cake!

  8. oh what a gorgeous post. bless your heart River and Many happy returns Of The Day to dear Kath's Sapphire

    (I wish that was my name and then I might get bottle of Bombay Blue on my birthday)

  9. Ann O'Dyne; you don't need to be called Sapphire to get a bottle of Bombay Blue.