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Thursday, May 3, 2012

A kitchen tip

How to peel a hard-boiled egg successfully.

First, hard-boil your eggs and allow to cool.

Tap the bottom of your egg firmly on your bench or chopping board, so the shell is well cracked.

Next, tap the tip of your egg in the same manner, ensuring it becomes well cracked.

Then lay your egg on its side and firmly roll it back and forth,

until the shell is well cracked all over.

Now the shell should peel away easily, without taking any chunks out of the egg.

I was reminded of this method after reading about it on another site (I think it was Delores at mybabyjohn).
I learned this from my mum and have been doing it all my life.


  1. Works a charm every helps to cool the egg first though.

  2. I was actually thinking of having hard boiled eggs for lunch now i will so i can try this out :-).

  3. I am one of, I swear, only a handful of people on this planet that doesn't care for hardboiled eggs. People always give me a weird look when I admit to this...

    Still, now I know how to peel one. :-)


  4. Where where you at Easter!!?!??!

  5. Great tip! I do something similar by smashing them at both ends and then sort of a roll/smash/roll.

    No more peeling off tiny bits at a time.

  6. That's something I've often had trouble with. There's a membrane just under the shell, if you can break it the shell falls off. Sometimes I buy eggs and the packet gets pushed to the back of the fridge. Then I discover them and they're right on the use by date. What I do is hard boil them immediately and eat them over the next few days.

  7. Delores; I mentioned cooling them, I'm sure. Doesn't do to burn the fingers.

    Windsmoke; I have hard-boiled eggs once a week or so, it helps to keep the iron levels up since I don't at much meat.

    Pearl; I don't know too many people who don't like them. Here in Aus. they're an addition to many salads. Now you can pass on the tip to anyone you know who is having trouble peeling their eggs.

    Jennifer Kay; I was right here, peeling CHOCOLATE eggs.

    Sarah; it's a good method.

    R.H. Try it next time you hard-boil your eggs, but let them cool.

  8. The fresher the egg the better this tip works. Eggs that are close to their use by date don't seem to peel very well.

  9. EC; I've noticed that and for those I put them in water to soak a bit once the shells have been well cracked. Tear off a tiny bit making sure to get the membrane, then soak them a few minutes to loosen the rest. I almost never have eggs that get old though, so I haven't done this in years.