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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Selections #71

It's Sunday Selections time again!

Time to search out some of those photos that you took way back when, (or just last week), and meant to show off, but didn't.

This idea was brought to us by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock and the rules are very simple.
1. Post your photos under the Sunday Selections title.
2. Link back to Kim somewhere in your post.
3. Go to Frog ponds Rock and add your name to the linky list.
4. Leave Kim a comment, because she loves comments as much as the rest of us.

This week I have a few photos of a local reserve, more a park really, and very pretty too.
It's the same reserve that has the "metal art" thingy I featured last week, but I haven't been back  there to see if I could get more information about it.

Situated on a corner, across from a shopping centre. That building you see is very near the main road and has the "metal art" sculpture in front of it.

The far end, well away from the shopping centre and the main road, features a small playground, with a few park benches around for mums to sit and watch the kids play.

One end of the wisteria arbor, shaded by a jacaranda tree.

The other end of the arbor. You can see there are steps at both ends and in the middle too, with bench seats at either end. A nice shady place to sit out of the sun, but watch out for bees when the vine is flowering. I don't mind bees, because I'm not allergic to the stings.

There is a small building at the far end, which looks like it might be a toilet block. I'll have to check on that next time I go there. So far I've only walked past the park.

This is the other far corner of the park, opposite the little playground area and well away from the main road. I believe the park entrance is on that small street.
It's a very neatly kept little reserve, I've never seen any trash blowing around, no discarded bottles or fast food wrappers.


  1. Looks like a lovely, peaceful place.

  2. A very well maintained park indeed :-).

  3. I parked myself in front on the computer and marvelled at the photos of the park.
    This concept that Kim has set up is a very good idea and it's nice to incorporate our photos and thoughts in such a way.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  4. I love the wisteria arbour, shaded by the jacaranda. I am sensitive to bee stings (blow up like a balloon), but would probably risk it.
    Thanks River.

  5. Delores; it has that peaceful vibe, despite being next to a main road.

    Windsmoke; a lot of my new suburb is well maintained.

    Klahanie; feel free to join us in our Sunday Selections. The rules are so easy.

    EC; the bees are only there when it is flowering and they mostly stay in and around the flowers, I think you'd be safe. Just don't have anything banana scented, like a paddlepop or a banana...the scent enrages bees and they will attack.

  6. Thank you for showing us around your area! It has a lovely feel to it.

  7. It looks so lovely - utterly Eastern Adelaide. And even though, as a proud South Aussie girl, I can see how 'green' it is, now that I'm in Switzerland, I can see how they'd think it was dry!

  8. It does look like a lovely spot - I would love to see it in the Spring with the trees in bloom!!

  9. Carmen; welcome to drifting. Scroll through some earlier entries, there's a more of Adelaide to be seen.

    Kath; I don't think Fullarton is an Eastern suburb, but it's just as pretty.

    One Too Many; Welcome to drifting.
    I'll be sure to keep my camera handy.