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Friday, May 18, 2012

that'd be alright

"If everybody everywhere
Had a lighter load to bear,
And a little bigger piece of the pie;
We'd be living us a pretty good life,
And that'd be alright."

Part of a song by country singer Alan Jackson.

With all these new payments being made by the government, cash for schoolkids, a few dollars for pensioners etc to offset the carbon tax and so on, it would seem that we're all getting
a little bigger piece of the pie, but I'm betting that little bigger piece will be eaten up by other costs just as quickly as the smaller piece of pie that we now have.
So are we really going to be any better off?


  1. Probably not but for a little while we'll be lulled into thinking we are.

    Tart of my heart
    I miss you,
    Custard get me busted
    I'll kiss you.

    Aye, fain I wouldst!


  3. No idea about politics, but love the pie chart!

  4. Very good point

  5. I'm a single self funded retiree and did't get a brass razoo from the carbon tax payments. I'm not whinging because i'll catch up later on with a 6 monthly C.P.I. rise which takes into account any price rises :-).

  6. I don't think I will benefit either - but I am in favour of helping people at the lower income levels first as this package seems to be doing. Will wait and see.

  7. Delores; that's their plan. Throw us a few sheckels and we'll think we're rich, until it gets spent on the groceries and then we find out there's to be no more.

    Lord Rochester; cheeky!

    Wanderlust; I see you've had a haircut....

    peskypixies; it happens every time doesn't it? They throw us a bone, but there's never any meat on it.

    Windsmoke; I'd like to have been a self-funded retiree, but I didn't have a clue about saving or super until it was way too late. I'm going to be one of those breadliners surviving on the pension and choosing between heating or eating. Then I'll spend summers in libraries to take advantage of their aircon while I read as much as I like.

  8. Better off? No way, my time on this planet has taught me that the cost of things NEVER goes down. These payoffs are only temporary and will cost us all a lot more over time.

  9. Beat pie chart ever!

    With my money I paid school camp, mail redirection, vet bill and kids haircuts. Fair enough:)

  10. Tempo; I agree.

    Sarah; Well done. I don't think I'll be included in this latest round of handouts. I have no kids at school, and I'm working part time so I'm not a pensioner either.

  11. Carbon tax? Good grief, governments are getting more and more creative about reaching into our pockets, aren't they?

  12. It is, in the words of the Talking Heads, same as it ever was...


  13. My carbon tax money will probably go on books and dress material since I don't buy clothes from shops. Come to think of it, my knickers could do with refurbishing and they are damned expensive but I can stitch up the holes only so many times.

  14. Cheeky, aye.

    Scripture never won fair maid.

  15. If you're single and childless you get nothing ever anyway, so it's status quo for me!


  16. Happy Elf Mom; I can see the day coming when our pay goes straight to the "gubmint" and they hand us an allowance....

    Pearl; same old, same old, give us your hard-earned so that we can dole it back out to you.

    JahTeh; if I get any kind of cash it'll go straight into my emergency fund. My favourite undies company has been bought out by a bigger brand and my style is no longer available. Woe is me!

    Lord Rochester; when I was little, scripture as bible stories. I had no interest in them.

    betweenthewires; at least you know where you stand then.