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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday

Welcome to Whimsical Wednesday #22

Next Sunday, 13th,  it is Mother's Day here in Australia, so I chose something relevant to the occasion.

Happy Mother's Day, to chook from eggy.

As always, these images are not my own, they've been googled

and I thank those persons who put them "out there".


  1. Pretty tough on eggy to see chook in that condition.

  2. This question has baffled the best of us for many a moon "Which Came First?, the Chook or the Egg?" in this case its looks like the chook :-).

  3. Crikey, Mum's taking the tanning salon sessions a bit too seriously!

  4. If eggy isn't hard boiled he/she will be cracking up to see mum that way.

  5. This gives following in your parents' footsteps a whole new meaning!!!

  6. This is defeat; what you get from poor souls given up on romance.

  7. Delores; mum? is that you?

    Windsmoke; we'll never really know.

    Kath; she set the dial for crispy skin tan.

    Manzanita; eggsolent, I like that.

    EC; let's hope eggy is hard boiled, cracking up is messy when you're an egg.

    Tempo; thanks.

    Red Nomad; some parents footsteps should never be followed.

    R.H. defeat? No. Rest and recuperation.

  8. Pardon me, my comment addresses birdbrains who find this cruelty amusing. They'll tell kids there's no Santa Clause and animals can't talk. What deadheads. Really, they're not worth bothering with.

    One more image like this on your blog and you'll lose a customer.

  9. This makes my teary, it reminds me of the note on Diana's coffin.

  10. Annnnd out come all the lame, egg related jokes. Egg-xcellent etc. /vomits/

  11. lol - that gave me a giggle xxx

  12. Funny, how you can actually register the shock on the egg...


  13. drb, I'd like to know who you are.