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Thursday, June 14, 2012

David Tennant - I just don't get it....

I've been watching a few episodes of Dr Who lately, some with Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor, some with David Tennant as The Doctor.

A while ago, a long while ago, there was a bit of fuss on the internet about what a hottie David Tennant was. A fair bit of virtual swooning was happening.

Well, sorry ladies, I don't agree.
I just don't see it.
Hollow eyes, scrawny neck, and the way his mouth hangs open so much, a little reminiscent of a "drooling village idiot" in old time comedy movies.

I like the show quite a lot, I remember first seeing it way back in the 60s and it's certainly come a long way since then.
But David Tennant as The Doctor does nothing at all for me.
Perhaps he's better in other shows/movies he's done.

I don't recall seeing him in anything else, I'll have to check the IMDb and find a few titles, maybe there is something out there that I can watch and maybe revise my opinion.


  1. Hi River! I finally found my way to your blog. :) Sorry that took so long...

    As for David Tennant, I've seen him in a couple of Brit mini-series and he's really quite good. Course, I can't remember what they were called! I wouldn't say I'm a swooner over him, but then I don't really swoon over anyone... but call me crazy, there's something about his energy I find appealing (and maybe his looks due to it), and wouldn't mind getting on his Tardis. :D

  2. CarrieBoo; welcome to drifting. I'll agree David does have exuberance, but apart from that there's no swoonable anything else as far as I'm concerned. I'd love to travel a bit in the Tardis though. If it were real that is. Or even just step inside and get a good look around.

  3. I don't get the 'David Tennant' is a hottie thing either. He played the evil son in one of the Harry Potter films and has a wild-eyed look about him and a ratty face.

    Then again, I don't get all the hyperventilating over Ryan Gosling either.

  4. That's ok, I'll snaffle yours and Kath's pieces of David Tennant and keep them alllll for myself.
    My Precioussssssssss *drool*

  5. Hi River,

    Being a bloke I can't comment on the "hotness" of David Tennant.

    But have you seen Matt Smith, the new Doctor?

    Now he really IS a weird looking bloke.




  6. Kath Lockett; Ryan Gosling? Never heard of him. I'll ggogle later and see what he's all about.

    Jayne; you're welcome to as many pieces of David as you can get your hands on.

    Plasman; I haven't seen any of the latest episodes, over here the TV is playing the David Tennant ones still. Last night I saw "Gridlock".

  7. I liked Tennant, but I liked Eccleston better if hotness is the criteria. I don't care at all for Lucas and no longer watch the show. I did see a show with Tennant tracing his family roots and he was interesting enough in that.

    PS, I ain't no lady.

  8. Andrew; I also think Eccelston is much better looking. And was a very acceptable Dr Who.

  9. Hi River..he's probably pretty hot for an Englishman... You have to remember you live in SA where the men are ALL Hunks..

  10. I like David, like him better when he's talking with his native accent.
    He was in a series called Single Father which was quite brilliant and very heart wrenching. He was also hilarious on Catherine Tate's Xmas Special where he did a little cameo and was as camp as all get out!!

  11. It's rare that I agree with who has been decreed "a hottie" and who has not. Give me someone who thinks that I'M hot, now, and I'll bet they get better looking every day!



  12. Tempo; clearly you haven't seen some of my male customers, they are definitely NOT hunks.

    Fenstar DeLuxe; I thought that was his native accent. I haven't seen the Single Father series, when was it on TV?

    Pearl; agreed. Anyone who thinks I am hot is okay in my books.

  13. Oh I can hear the roars of disgust from my girls now!!they all adore him!

    He is rather yummy,esp when he smiles

    I think he is a great actor and I love his scots accent

  14. peskypixies; I guess he's just not to my personal taste.

  15. Ignorance is bliss..I don't watch TV.

  16. Annmarie Pipa; welcome to drifting. You are very wise. TV takes up so much time if we let it.