Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

it's been a rough day

Not only do I have all the usual aches, but I forgot to take the stronger pain tablet this morning, so I'm feeling the aches more than I would.

Add a million* customers, shopping as if we'd been closed for a month instead of a day.

Add my annoyance at finding a bill in the mail.
Not just any old!
This is one from last year at my old home.

 When I moved, the company forgot to send me the final electricity account.
And after a while I forgot about it too.
I should have made a note in my diary to check up on it,
I really should have, and I'm p****d off that I didn't.

Because now, here it is, and I have to pay it.
(Fair enough too, I used the power...)

Just in case it was a mistake, I got out all the old accounts and checked them against my online receipts.
No account for that period and no receipt either.

With tax time looming, the company must have gone through its records
and discovered this unpaid heating bill from last year.
They enclosed a nice apology letter, but still, I'm stomping around, muttering, working and reworking the budget.

I have enough money to pay it, it's just a matter of deciding whether to pay it in one installment or two.

* possibly a slight exaggeration.


  1. Yeah, I hate those sneaky accounts. This time of the year is bad for me, lots of annual things come in all together and for some strange reason they all want to be paid first! I hope youre feeling better by tomorrow.

  2. Poop, not nice to get those unexpected surprises.
    Pay over two installments, River, don't leave yourself short.

  3. Not at all nice. As Jayne says, pay in installments. And have your stronger painkillers and an early night. With hopefully a better day to follow.

  4. Bummer. But I guess that means things can only go up from here? And don't worry about qualifying your 'million' claim - EVERYONE knows a million is to be rounded down to the nearest several hundred!

  5. I'd go with two never know what else can come up and you don't want to be short. How irritating. This was their mistake not yours.

  6. A surprise bill is never nice. Hope it's not too big for you.

  7. Pay in instalments: after all, they took their time to send you the bill and apologised.

    They seem to do that here, too. I think (reaches over to touch the wood of the filing cabinet) that we've finally stopped receiving medical bills for Sapphire's treatment in December last year...!

  8. Tempo; tomorrow has to be better, I'm going to remember the stronger pain killer.

    Jayne; yes, installments, because I already have another bill on the fridge due the same day.

    EC; I took the stronger pill with dinner tonight, so by tomorrow I should be able to get by with the half strength one. Today I forgot both and panadol just does nothing for the arthritis.

    Red; won't be going too far up, there's this quarter's electricity bill due soon too and a water bill already on the fridge. But I've saved for those so I'll be okay.

    Delores, definitely installments and once I've caught up I'll set up and advance payment schedule, a small amount weekly so the next round of bills won't be too much.

    Sarah; any bill is never nice, the winter heating bills are the worst, but I save for them, so I'm okay.

    Kath; Apparently the fault was a computer problem, something to do with the old account having a different number from the new account at this home. They "lost" me in the system. Still, the amount isn't too horrendous, two installments will take care of it. Then I'll set up an advance payment schedule for my current accounts.

  9. A friend bought a flat a few years ago and never received a gas bill in the two years she lived there. She sold it and moved on. Out of the blue one day she received a call from the previous owner asking her to stump up for the gas bill as the previous owner had been tracked down by the gas company and asked to pay. Our friend asked the previous owner to send her the details to make sure she wasn't paying for the previous owner's bill, and she never heard any more.

  10. Since they took a year to send it, take a year to pay it...I'm sure they won't see it the same.

    Chin up buttercup!

  11. Utility companies..can't live with or without them.

  12. Hi River,

    Aww - I shall send you an invisible bunch of cyber-flowers to cheer you up.




  13. Andrew; it's always wise to check up on that sort of thing.

    Jennifer Kay; my conscience wouldn't let me take a year to pay, I'll have it paid by the due date, two installments is all I need.

    Joanne; and they know it too!

    Plasman; I'll put them in my invisible cyber-vase. Thank You.

  14. That is a bummer! I'd pay it in installments so it doesn't hurt too much all at once. I'm sure they won't mind given the circumstances.

  15. Lightening; installments it is. The bill isn't too huge, so it will still be paid within the time limit.

  16. Hope you are feeing better by now.

  17. drb; mentally, emotionally, I'm fine. Physically, I'm feeling a bit like I've been it by a truck. I have the occasional day when nothing at all aches, then days or weeks when everything aches in turns or all at once. Thank you.