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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Selections #73

It's Sunday Selections time again!

Time to post photos that have been languishing in your files, photos that you may even have forgotten that you ever took. Have yourself a little search and rescue mission to find them.

Brought to us by Kim of Frog ponds Rock, this weekly meme is a great way to show off your photographic skills, or just your most favoured photos and memories.

This week I'm continuing our walk through the Olive Grove to show you the birds I saw there.
See those two green parrots busily pecking for bugs or seeds at a knot hole in the tree?
I watched them for quite a while, inching ever closer, hoping for more photos.

One of them heard me sneaking up and from then on they took turns with one feeding and the other watching me.

After this third photo they both took off flying to other trees, disappearing in the leafy canopy.
So I turned my attention to the flock of Galahs feeding on the ground.

Look at that one in front watching me! There were about a dozen galahs, but they wouldn't stay close enough together for me to get a group shot.

I'm not sure what they were eating, but there are plenty of olives on the ground.

Here's a long shot of the area they were feeding in.

There were magpies in the Grove too, but I could only hear them, not see them.

I did spot this different coloured parrot as I was leaving the Grove to continue my walk into the city.

To join in with Sunday Selections, just follow these very simple rules.
1. Post your photos under the Sunday Selections title.
2. Go to Frog Ponds Rock and add your name to the linky list.
3. Leave Kim a comment.
That's it! Easy peasy.


  1. I always feel like I've had a mini vacation after I read your photo post.

  2. So beautiful. Thank you. I love the warbling sound that magpies make - much nicer sounds than those made by the much prettier parrot family.

  3. What marvellous photos and corresponding captions. You show a lot of talon, sorry talent in your postings :)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  4. I've seen situations, especially with larger birds where one goes on patrol. Those parrots are beautiful!

  5. I love that olive grove, River, it looks so peaceful and relaxing.
    The birds are lovely, they are cheeky characters.

  6. Delores; what a wonderful compliment! Thank you.

    EC; I love the magpies warble too, parrots often sound like a room full of squabbling children.

    klahanie; aw shucks! you'll have me blushing. Thank you.

    Joanne; that's something I hadn't noticed before, but maybe that's what the galah was doing watching me while the others kept feeding.

    Jayne; I think it might be a nice place for a picnic, there's an electric coin operated barbecue, seating, toilets. Even a small playground for kids.

  7. Bonza photos. I especially the Parrots in the tree feeding because you don't see that to often :-).

  8. Windsmoke; that's why I was sneaking up on them, but they heard or sensed me and all I got was those three shots.

  9. It's wonderful that you can get up close enough to photograph these birds. They're so colourful, these Australian birds. Especially the green against the grey bark.

  10. I like the fact that they took turns to keep an eye on you :)

  11. Parrots, galahs and magpies - *sniffle* ....

    I have done my meme!

  12. What a lovely collection of names people have here - rivers and elephants and frogs and windsmoke. Cool :)

    These pics are lovely. Seems to be a bit of a bird theme today :)

  13. WOnderful bird photos. Around here we have Canadian geese, and one is always on patrol. You can see some recent photos of a family of geese here.

  14. You must live in a wonderful place ... Olive Groves and flocks of parrots. What a joy ... I wish I could be there with you, with camera in hand , of course.

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  15. Elisabeth; I can be sneaky when I want to, I had the camera on zoom and advanced a step at a time.

    Kim; probably thought I was going to steall their grubs.

    Kath Lockett; we can take a wander through there together when you get back home. I'll be right over to see your answers.

    Sue; welcome to drifting. We love being different. There's an Australian blog called "nothing by no-one". I often choose a theme for my Sundays.

    linda; welcome to drifting, I'll have a look at the Canadian geese.