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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Selections #74

It's Sunday Selections time again!
Time to post photos that have been lying around in your computer files, just waiting for their chance to shine.

This brilliant concept was brought to us almost two years ago by Kim, of Frog Ponds Rock fame.
Kim takes many, many, photos that don't all get used so she wanted to share those that others had never seen.
A weekly meme seemed like a great showcase for them, so Sunday Selections was born and absolutely anyone can join in.

The rules are very simple.
Post your photos under the Sunday Selections title, link back to Kim somewhere in your post, then go to Frog Ponds Rock and add your name to the linky list and leave Kim a comment.
See how easy that is?

I often do a theme for my Sunday Selections, but you don't have to.
This week, my theme is "view".
We've all heard of Bird's Eye View, where photos are shown from a high-in-the-sky viewpoint?

Today I bring you:


What your baby sees as he/she crawls around the floor.

Table legs and shopping bags.

A stone dragon.

A shiny wheel.

Chest of drawers, maybe there's a toy under there?
Wonder what is in the drawer?

Oooh, shoes! I'm not supposed to play with them, but mummy isn't looking....

Look at all the space! I can really get going here.

I don't think I'll go in here, the big white box makes scary noises.

Another shiny wheel. I'm getting hungry, where's mum?

To join in with Sunday Selections, just follow the rules above and have fun.


  1. Did you actually get down on your hands and knees to take the photos? :-).

  2. That's really neat and a baby's view on the world around. Although some, after a bit too much of the intoxicating drink, might just see a similar view :)
    Excellent and thank you for this.

  3. What fun...could be a puppy or kittens eye view as well.

  4. Windsmoke; I sat on the floor and bum-walked around.

    klahanie; kids see things so much differently because they're down low.

    Delores; could be, although if I had a puppy in the house the shoes would most definitely be out of reach.

  5. very creative!
    a reminder for me on how my dog sees the world :-)

  6. Bum-walking is so much kinder on your knees ;)
    Great shots and good perspective :)

  7. Kel; welcome to drifting and thanks. Perhaps you could take photos of things your dog sniffs out on walks.

    Jayne; I've done so much that's high up, buildings and trees etc, I thought it was time to ground myself.

  8. hehe Thanks River, I haven't looked at my house at Baby level since the kidlets were little and I baby proofed the place. :)

  9. Kim; it's a different point of view isn't it? I don't recall doing much in the way of baby proofing, although I did set up the playpen around the christmas tree so they wouldn't pull it over.

  10. Unique perspective! Who knew there was so many interesting things down there at ankle-leve?

  11. Wow, what baby sees is a really clean and tidy house!

    A baby would see nothing but dog hair and dust bunnies at mine....

  12. I don't even think I can get down that far anymore, but love the concept!

  13. Surely Sarah; welcome to drifting. Get down low and have a look around sometime. Take your camera...

    Kath Lockett; I'm sure there's more to see than dust bunnies and dog hair. A shoe or two at the very least.

    Crack You Whip; welcome to drifting. There's lots to see at any level.