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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday #27

Welcome once again to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your weekly giggle via googled images, to help you over that middle of the week hump and sliding down into the weekend.
Not such a big hump this week for us Aussies, as we had a holiday on Monday, but the slide into the weekend is just as welcome as always.

Neighbours....everybody needs good neighnours....
You're going to have that song in your head all day.
I've always had good neighbours, in every home, in every city, I've never had a problem with my neighbours.
Of course that could be because I keep to myelf a lot.


  1. Good fences make good neighbours. In the fruit and veggie world plastic bags make better neighbours lol.

  2. I've lived in the Housing Commission twice: Highett and Sandringham, keeping to myself is what got me in trouble.

  3. Delores; good fences definitely, not so sure about plastic bags, they're a menace to the environment.

    R.H. how is that possible? Keeping to yourself means you're not bothering anyone else. I don't see how that could cause trouble.

  4. A couple of fruits should be just fine.

  5. That's exactly the trouble, keeping to yourself means you're a snob. It bothered a group of Aussie bastards at Sandringham because I wouldn't join their aged gossiping circle, and further, allowed my kid to play with ethnic kids. I was a single parent with a four year old girl. They gave me hell.
    At Highett I kept to myself and my windows got egged when I had the audacity to grow flowers in the little front garden. They were Country and Western, these dimwits, a prolific harlot on the corner had it blaring day and night.

  6. I lived four years at Sandringham, dropping my kid at daycare and going to work while they sat at home thinking up complaints to make about me to the local office. They hated kids. They hated everybody. Some people are just shit.

  7. LOL
    Love the pic, yes, and thank you for the earworm of Neighbours....!

  8. Well I have a laugh now. They wanted to know my business. I told them nothing, that was my trouble at Sandringham.
    It wasn't bad at first, but got explosive, police turning up and all.
    She was actually two years-old when we moved there, she started at Sandringham primary, then Highett, then Yarraville, then Williamstown North, and finally into Point Gellibrand Girls High. I always hoped she'd become a professor but she was more an athlete than an academic and would have become an Olympian if she'd kept at it. She now owns and operates one of the biggest childcare centres in this state.

  9. I don't know if they're going to stay on their own sides of the fence for too long. Their feet are touching and the pose looks a bit flirty to me :)

  10. Kath is right, though I am not at all certain what their babies will look like. Time will tell I suppose.

  11. The grounds at the Sandringham flats were spacious but there was nothing for the kids to play on. My block was L-shaped, with a low cyclone fence enclosing a grassed yard area. The grandads and grannies considered this yard theirs and didn't want kids in it. I left a small vinyl pool out on the grass one night and they punctured it, I fixed a basketball hoop onto the laundry wall and they bent it, the kids started swinging on the top bar where some of the cyclone fence was missing so they painted stuff on it to cause friction. I cleaned it off so they formed a working bee to restore that part of the fence that was missing. There were three blokes in my block who were mainly doing all this, I wanted to punch them in the face but they were too old.

    You might think that vicious types are easy to spot, but these grannies and grandads: neatly dressed, nicely-spoken, law-abiding respectable-looking types were some of the most satanic creatures I've ever been up against.

  12. Joanne; fruits usually get on well together.

    R.H. it seems as if the others were the problem, unable to just let things be and accept newcomers and different nationalities. Thankfully the world has moved on....I keep to myself, but still say hello and chat occasionally, everyone here seems to be nice.

    Jayne; ha ha, your welcome.

    Windsmoke; that's funny.

    Kath Lockett; Their feet are touching? I hadn't noticed. Hmmm.

    EC; babies? Fruit salad.

  13. The world has moved on? To where? I don't know what you're talking about, there's more clothes shops, that's all.

    And people. Overpopulation will destroy our species.

  14. R.H. I meant that more people have more tolerance these dyas, for other nationalities, for those who do things differently. Maybe that isn't true where you are, but it is where I am. People are nice.

  15. Wow, someone is both very skilled and very bored.