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Monday, January 26, 2015

Australia Day

Today is Australia Day, so I thought you might all appreciate an appropriate cartoon.

The great Aussie Barbecue.
Happy Australia Day!!

here is our national flag

and a description of the symbols

each state has their own version, that's mine centre top.

this is the flag of the indigenous people, the Aboriginals, original owners of this wide brown land.

and an idea for a new Aussie flag. It has a football, a beer stubbie, two sausages, uncooked by the look of them, and the black surface of the Aussie Barbecue.


  1. I like the way you incorporated the Union Jack into your flag. As a Canadian I've always felt our flag was missing that element.

  2. No shrimp on the Barbee?

    Happy Australian Day! I've never met an Aussie I didn't like...Oy oy oy!!

  3. Happy Australia Day; enjoy. Let Angel have some celebratory hot dog.

  4. Happy AUS DAY, good Bar-B-Q weather much cooler today.

  5. The great new Aussie flag makes me smile. Thanks.
    I would like to see the Aboriginal flag incorporated into a flag though. Some day.
    Happy Australia Day.

  6. True illustration of many who consider this day a great excuse to get completely blotto, sunburned and brain dead.

    I always feel a tinge of sadness for the original caretakers of this country.

    Great flag references here, River, thank you.

  7. Happy Australia Day! I love that "proposed new flag." (It'd work pretty well for the U.S., too.)

  8. Delores; many Aussies would like to see the union Jack removed. I say why fix what isn't broken?

    Joeh, no, I couldn't find an image that has shrimp on it. I'm sure there were prawns on my son in laws barbie though. He has a mate with a boat and he gets them fresh from the ocean. Yum.

    Joanne; I'm sure Angel would love some hot dog, I didn't think to buy any. There'll be fish'n'chips for dinner though and he can have some fish.

    fishducky; thank you. I love my country.

    Merle; great barbie weather indeed, but i went to the movies instead.

    Elephant's Child; there are some flags with the aboriginal flag in the corner, I thought I'd saved an image from google but I couldn't find it, so I went back to google and couldn't find it again. I like the barbie flag too.

    Vicki; I'm sad about the original caretakers too, but there's blame on both sides.
    I don't know many people who see today as an excuse to get blotto anymore. They've all grown up.

    Susan; I think that proposed flag work work just about anywhere.

    1. No, I don't think they've all grown up... Australia Day revellers still abound - just ask the police. There's a whole new generation carrying that flag - we've already seen evidence of it on the roads today. And the night has just begun...

    2. I meant persons I knew personally, I've seen some of the younger generations out there "silly drunk" and not knowing where their weekend went.

  9. Hi River,

    Happy 'Stralia day.





  10. I hope you enjoyed your Aussie Day, River. :)