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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Good news!

6-6.30pm January 7th
It is raining here in Adelaide, more importantly it is raining over the bush fire area.
Yay!! and Phew! relief!
It's said that the fire is now about 90-95% contained and under control.

A small side problem is that lightning strikes have started more than a few small fires in other areas, but they have been very quickly brought under control or put out. 

I heard some thunder earlier and rejoiced, hoping for a downpour. 
I don't know how much rain is falling up in those areas, I only know that here in my suburb we're getting just a sprinkle. And the air is still hot. Ugh.

I hope there is more rain to come. 

Our predicted temperature today was 38C, but we got 42.2C instead. 

**edit** have just heard it was a real downpour over the needed areas. 
and....the largest CFS air crane helicopter which scoops and dumps water is named Elsie!


  1. Oh, how wonderful about the rain. Let's hope more is to come. What a relief for those poor beggars; firefighters included. They've been through so much. I hope the rain is enough to douse the fires.

    Let's hope the skies open...all over your way down there, River. :)

  2. How wonderful. And I love that Elsie has been in the thick of it.
    Rain predicted here. Not a drop. I am thrilled that it has fallen where it was most needed.

  3. Often things can boil (sorry, no pun intended - but cool, huh?) down to the basics in life, like the importance of rain.

  4. Yay! I wouldn't complain about the hot air, though. I live in Kansas City! :)

  5. Thank goodness...I hope it pours buckets.

  6. And buckets and buckets and buckets--give Elsie a rest.

  7. Lee; you and I may come to eat those words. I've just heard on the radio that within the next few days, SA is set to have its heaviest rainfalls yet and mostly over the bushfire area. There is the possibility of flooding in some areas of SA. (*~*)

    Elephant's Child; new predictions of flooding rains over here within days, perhaps you'll get some of that. from one extreme to the other eh?

    Marty Damon; Australia is such a dry country that rain is always of major importance. Until we get floods.

    Happy Elf Christine; is Kansas hot and dry? Or do you get enough rains and cooler weather?

    Delores; it's about to, according to the radio a half hour ago. I'd better dust off the rubber boots and rain jacket.

    Joanne; it's an odd feeling, knowing "I" have helped without actually being there (*~*), so this morning at the shop I donated to the Sampson Flat Bushfire Fund as I paid for my milk and cat food.