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Saturday, January 24, 2015

I have discovered the easiest way to worm a cat

Since he was a tiny kitten, I have allowed Angel to lick the spoon clean whenever I've finished eating. I'll scrape down the sides of the bowl and Angel happily licks off the remains of porridge, weet-bix, ice-cream, yoghurt, gravy. 
Never more than about half a teaspoon , I'm pretty sure large amounts of  ice-cream isn't good for cats.

Anyway, when it came time for his regular dose of worming medicine, I squeezed the dose onto a teaspoon, held it out and he licked it clean.

Finding a spot of skin to squeeze the flea treatment onto is a harder matter.
I just hold the scruff of the neck like his mama would and poke the nozzle of the tube deep between his shoulders and hope it's deep enough. 
Just look at this cat.

here he is asleep or watching TV

see how dense his neck ruff is? I can't part the hair anywhere and see skin.

waking up

settling down again
what you're seeing here is not overfed fat cat. It's fur. 
His tail hairs are 10cm long and  the body hairs are 7cm long with the neck ruff fur being a little shorter but more dense.

he squeezed into the little gap I opened for him and pushed his feet against the screen door until he'd pushed the front door back a bit. I don't like to open it too wide on hot days, I'd rather keep the inside cool.

his favourite spot.

I swear if this cat dies before I do, I'm having this pelt made into a hooded scarf, to be worn fur side in like the Eskimos do. 
Right about now, you're probably all laughing your socks off, those of you up there in the snow and ice countries. "She lives in Australia!" you're saying. "It doesn't get cold down there!"

Well, yes it does. Not below zero, ice and snow, blizzards and freezing, type cold, but compared to our searing hot summers, our milder winters do feel cold to us
And I rug up accordingly. 

I think a cat fur hat with the tail as a neck warmer would be great. Or maybe mittens and ear muffs. Oooh! Both!

Not that I'm wishing Angel would die soon, no, no, not at all, I love the little shit furball.
Just not at 2.30am. (*~*)


  1. Most definitely the furriest cat I have ever seen.

  2. He's got a good thick coat for sure....but, no rush just carry on irritating your momma for a good long time.

  3. He is a sturdy young man And too handsome.

  4. Anyone with a cat has gotta love this post. (I'm not quite as enamored of my cats at 2:30 in the morning, either, which is when they seem most determined to play. With ME...)

    Whenever I've had to put that flea stuff on our pets, I always worried about getting it on there right, too. All that hair makes it really hard (impossible!) to get to skin.

    Happy weekend!

  5. With such thick fur, he must feel the heat on very hot days.

  6. A Davy Crockett hat comes to mind, too! lol

    My ex, jokingly, used to tell my cats that they'd better watch out because he'd make a vest or two out of them.

    My two don't wake me up at that hour of the morning. Remy is my alarm clock but he politely waits until the sun is up; and this morning I was allowed to sleep in because it's raining up this way so it's still quite dark outside. He woke me at 6 am this morning. I had a Saturday morning sleep-in, thanks to the rain and to Remy. Shama is quiet in the mornings just like me. It must be a female thing! :)

    Have a good weekend, River...cuddles to Angel. :)

  7. I hear you on the 2.30 falling out of love thing. Mostly Jazz, sometimes Jewel.
    We had a cat who very politely took anti-biotics from my hand and ate them. Except for the last one, when she decided she was better and didn't need it. It was a HUGE challenge getting the last one down.
    No fleas here (thankfully). And worming can be a challenge.
    And we do get below freezing here. And I can't wait.

  8. Cats they are all good company but they do like their sleep.

  9. I always had cats, and fur on my curtains, and drifting through the air, landing in my cooking, etc. Oh, if only they didn't shed so much I'd have cats again. I miss them.

  10. First , I loved my SugarCat a Burmese/Tabby like one of my own children. She lived to be 19! I still miss her and think of her often.

    Second. It hits 115 degrees here in July. I think 50 degrees with the wind blowing is awful cold! I completely understand what you are saying.

  11. Joeh; I can bury my hand flat in that neck ruff and not see my fingers at all.

    Delores; he's going to be a joy to snuggle up to next winter for sure.

    Joanne; he's sturdy alright! I feel every ounce when he lands on my chest in one of his leap-around-the-bedroom moods.

    Susan; and the flea stuff has to go where they can't reach to lick it off. At 2.30am, Angel wants breakfast, for heavens sake! I make him wait until 4am.

    fishducky; like a bear skin rug. But softer.

    Andrew; he doesn't seem to, I keep it cool inside, but the back porch gets quite warm and he loves being out there. of course we haven't had any real heat or humidity yet, so maybe the coat will bother him when the temps get above 35C. He'll stay inside more where the aircon is.

    Lee; a Davy Crockett hat won't keep the ears warm though.
    I could probably train Angel to wait until sunup if the nights were darker. Unfortunately these blocks of flats have outside lighting by every entrance door so my back porch is lit quite brightly all night long, so inside I can see easily without turning on any lights. So at 2.30am I give Angel a handful of dry food and go back to bed until 4am, then he gets his breakfast. Most often now, he will let me go back to sleep after that, I no longer have to sit up at the table and drink coffee. This morning I went back to bed and slept until 8am.

    Elephant's Child; if only this place wasn't so lit up, I'm sure Angel would sleep longer. Maybe. I can't imagine even trying to worm Jazz, how do you manage it?
    We very rarely get below freezing here in the city, but up in the hills where my daughter is it will sometimes get as low as -2 or -3, several years ago they actually had a little snow in their yard. The kids were so excited!

    Merle; I wish Angel liked me sleeping as much as he likes himself sleeping. Cats are mostly nocturnal though and sleep more during the day. If I didn't have to be out and about during the day, I'd sleep then too and be up at night instead.

    lotta joy; I don't have any landing in my cooking thank goodness, Angel isn't in the kitchen much. He eats his food then leaves the room. Most of the fur collection is under the couch, under the bed and in the closed-in back porch. And on the table.

    mohave rat; welcome to drifting; 19 is a good age for a cat. My daughter's Missy is 16 and recovering nicely after recently being unwell.
    Our temperatures are measured in Celsius, so your 115F is our 46C which we get in February, your 50F is our 10C, we often get below 10C in the winter, but that's overnight and early morning and a lot of the time we warm up by noon. Not by much though. so I get around in a big old ski jacket with hat and gloves from June to the end of September.
    So far this year our summer has been relatively cool and comfortable with only a few hot days.

  12. I'm glad you feel it cold enough to rug up in winter. I thought maybe I'd become soft or something after having to do the same last winter. The day I left Scotland for Australia it was -26 and I thought I'd never need anything other than a t-shirt in Australia.- I was wrong.